Saturday, October 23, 2010


There is sooo much fabric I want to buy but I have enough fabric to make several quilts already. My husband may roll his eyes, but I really try to keep my fabric buying in check and I usually only buy things for specific projects for specific people...but...fabric goes out of print. I think, "I'll buy that when I have something specific to make out of it." But in a year it is gone and almost impossible to find. Right now I would like to find charm packs of all of the American Jane lines. Impossible. If I bought from multiple vendors I could probably come up with most of the fat quarters, but that is more fabric, money and shipping than I really need.

I know more amazing fabric comes out every year so there will never be a lack of fabric to covet...I mean to love and buy but...

So this is what I have decided. Charm packs are the answer. I will buy a charm pack of all future American Jane fabrics (or whatever catches my eye) - small amounts that I will not feel bad about stashing.

How do you choose what fabric to buy?


  1. Buying fabric is one of those things that changes with me from day to day. I have found that some times a fat quarter is not enough so I purchase 1/3 yard or a 1/2 yard if I really like the fabric, then 3 yards if the fabric looks like a great border fabric. American Jane fabrics are lovely.

  2. thank you for sharing this posting...awesome