Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Inspiration Strikes in Iowa

This weekend, on the way back from Nauvoo, my family stopped by the American Gothic House. Unfortunately, we got there after the Visitors' Center closed but we got a chance to stretch our legs and take some fun pictures. That evening I got my packet of fabric from the Bee Improvisational Bee. Elaine requested improv/wonky houses and I decided to give her an American Gothic House.

Honestly, I am not thrilled with how it turned out. I think I needed to use some flashes of bright colors, more wonk and a different/better roof line.

Even so, it was fun to see the actual American Gothic House and recreate it.


  1. I had no idea that was a real house! How fun. I like the block, I think it's cute.

  2. Gulp you have sent the bar high! I just got my fabric yesterday, so will have to figure out what to do.