Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tree Quilt

Today wasn't the greatest day for taking pictures, but I finally finished piecing the top of this quilt for Brother #2.
He won this quilt in my Tax Return Food Storage Challenge. (Read about it Here and Here).

I put these blocks together from the blocks I received from the Bee Improvisational bee. I was inspired by this Ingrid Press quilt but wanted to have trees instead of houses.

The top measures 48x60 right now. Not quite big enough to snuggle under. So you have to help me. What should I do for a border?
Plain white?
Thin dark brown and thick white?

I am leaning towards a 1/2 dark brown border followed by a 6 or 8 inch white border.

What do you think?

I used other blocks I received to make this baby quilt for his new baby.


  1. Those tree blocks are adorable! I just love both of these quilts!

    I don't know, I would maybe lean toward just white for the border. It's so modern and cool just the way it is, so I like the idea of keeping it just white.

  2. Leila, this is an amazing quilt! I love the colors and especially the pattern - it's very unique.

    Thank you!

  3. This is my favorite quilt I have ever seen! I love the trees! When/if I ever get around to quilting, this is what I'm making.