Wednesday, December 8, 2010

WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Not too much happened this last week on the sewing front. EVERYONE - including me - was STILL sick. Thankfully, everyone seems to be getting better now, so expect big things for next week.

New (and finished) Project

I did manage to grab a few minutes here and there to make a stocking for the youngest.

Ongoing Projects
Nothing happened except buying some batting and thread.

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  1. The stocking looks great! Love the ric-rac!

    Happy WiP Wednesday!

  2. I hear ya. We had sickies at our house this week too. Mainly the big guy, but that is sometimes even worse than the kiddos. Love your stocking, very cute.

  3. Cute stocking! Very scrappy and adorable :) Happy WiP Wednesday to you!

  4. Sorry you and your family have been under the weather! That always takes a toll on one's sewing time! Your stocking is adorable!

  5. Oh geez! I hope you and the clan feel better! Love the stocking, and love that cheater binding. I have done a similar thing before on my quilts. I never hand sew on the bindings. My poor hands just can't take it!

  6. The stocking is super cute, I'm not surprised more than one kid wants to claim it! Stockings are on my to-do list, one of these years. We have a matching set that I bought years ago, but we now have too many people and not enough stockings, so the hubs and I have to share. I haven't bought another one because I want to make all new ones, but then that never seems to happen! Oh well, since I'm the one who buys all the stocking stuffers, I guess I don't really need my own anyway. : )

    Hope you all feel better soon. Thanks for linking up with WIP Wednesday!

  7. Love the stocking! The green touch is perfect!