Friday, March 18, 2011

Lily's Quilt Along - Cutting the Wedges all Tricky-Like

I decided to do the Quilt Along over at Lily's Quilts.  We are going to make jumbo Dresden plates - the finished block below measures 30x30.  I decided to go whole hog and make the 9 block version.

At first I was planning on using my ancient collection of blues, that is until I pulled them out and discovered that I really didn't like half of them - too gray looking. 

So I pulled out all of my odds and ends in rainbow colors.  I have some pieces that were my friend's grandmother's, stuff I picked up on clearance at JoAnn's years ago and some newer American Jane fabrics from my stash.  I went to the LQS and picked up some oranges, a green and some purples, to round it out.   I love them!

Today I cut out all of the necessary wedges.  I was nervous about this step.  I think it is the first time I have cut out a non-square/triangle shape and it is just going to get worse with the outer sections.  I obsessed over it enough that I came up with an even easier than the already easy way Lynne showed.

I printed two templates and taped them to the bottom of my 9.5 inch ruler.  
One on each side of the ruler.

 Then I just cut a 9 inch wide strip of fabric...

...and lined my templates up with the top and bottom of the fabric 
and cut the left side of the wedge.

Then I slid the ruler over, lined up the top, bottom and left side 
and cut the right side with my rotary cutter.

Voila!  Easy as pie.
I turned the ruler over and kept on cutting.
This is going to be a delicious quilt!


  1. Ingenious! I love it! Unfortunately I haven't got my rotary cutter and mat with me at school; I've been pinning the paper to double layers of fabric and cutting around it with scissors...

  2. Thank you so much for sharing and your timing is impeccable. I plan on cutting tomorrow. I am going to try your method. PLEASE be sure to share any more ingenious ideas you have about cutting the outside pieces!!! hehehe

  3. Clever idea Leila - I was going to start cutting this weekend so your lightbulb moment has come at just the right time!

  4. Clever idea! My template kept sticking to my ruler when I did mine last night! Wish I'd spotted this first!

  5. I like your idea very much. And I definitely need to have such a nice square ruler. In the meantime I managed to cut the wedges with a paper template and my old sort of primary school ruler, but it would certainly be easier doing it your way :)

  6. This is a great idea, too bad I am down to my last fabric. You should post about it on flickr too!

  7. FRIGGIN' Brilliant! I am going to use this for the rest of Elizabeth Hartman's New Wave quilt pattern that I am making.

  8. FRIGGIN' Brilliant! I am going to use this for the rest of Elizabeth Hartman's New Wave quilt pattern that I am making.