Monday, April 4, 2011

2011 Plans and Projects Update

In December, urged by Elisabeth of Don't Call Me Betsy, I made a list of quilty goals for 2011.  Here is my update:

UFO's to Finish:
1.  The 1930's BOM Quilt - No Progress
2.  Scrappy Alternating 9 Patch - I pulled out the blocks, had my 10 year old iron them and have trimmed up 10.  So, a tiny bit of progress
3.  Christmas Tree Skirts?  Oh, I had forgotten about those.  No progress.
4.  Black and Peach top - no progress.  Margaret's Hope Chest is accepting quilt top donations and I think I will put it in the mail.

Unfinished Current Projects:
5. Quilt the Tree Quilt - uh, I added the border.
6. Finish my Brother's Blue Quilt - ugh!  What a mess that was.  I still can't bring myself to look at it.
7. Cousin Presents - still sitting by my sewing machine.  No progress.
8. Anna's Baby Quilt - Finished!  Oh, it feels good to say that.  And I wrote a tutorial as planned.  Check it out!

Planned new projects:
9. Upholstery log-cabin - No progress
10. Kid's Crazy Quilt - I am just finishing off the least followed quilt along in the history of the Old Red Barn Co., but it got me quilting, writing tutorials and convinced me that if you ask amazing things can happen - so, not so bad.

11. Twist on Tradition Bee - I started a new bee.  Lost two members.  Replaced them.  Had a member forget it was her month to send out fabric, so I sent out mine and have had some beautiful blocks returned.  Oh, the joys and pains!  :)

Twist on Tradition Block2L.Meg's Star #1A Twist On Tradition Bee - March 2011Mar. - Leila starMar. - Leila pinwheel
A Twist On Tradition Bee - March 2011Twist on Tradition Block1L. Meg's Star #2IMG_5578IMG_5577

12. Finish Bee Improvisational Bee - finished!
13. Solid Drunk Love inspired lap quilt and finish throw pillows - Well, I made the throw pillows the wrong size...does that count?  :)  
14.  Grandmother's Flower Garden - I went without working on it for a couple of months, but I am  back in the swing of things and think I might really get it done by the end of the year.

So, let's tally it up:
No Progress:  7
Some Progress: 2
Finished/On Target: 5

Not as bad as I thought.  No progress on half, but the year is only a quarter over!  


  1. That's right, you're only one quarter through the year, you're making good progress, if you ask me! And I love Anna's Baby Quilt, it's just gorgeous!

  2. I love your list and seeing all those no progresses at the top. Whew! I'm not the only one :)

    I love your quilts and the baby quilt is fantastic! I love that shape and can just imagine it being hung over the edge of a crib. You are doing great and five finishes is awesome.

  3. :( I am one of the ones who haven't got you your block yet. It is coming. I have one done, and one half way done. The ones you have so far are looking great!