Friday, August 26, 2011

9 - Double Star

Alright!  Are you ready for the last flying geese block?

Fabric:  Fabric choice is VITAL in this block.  You need a light, medium and dark fabric.  Choose the lightest fabric in your collection.  For the pattern to stand out it must be distinctly different from the medium and dark fabrics.  It is not quite as vital for the medium and dark be significantly different from each other as long as there is a high contrast between med/dark and light.

Cutting:  There are a lot of pieces in this block so just take your time cutting.  I will give measurements for both traditional and magic methods here and for the corner-to-corner method below.

For the traditional and magic methods:

From the light valued fabric cut:
1 - 4.5 inch square
12 - 2 7/8 inch squares (4 many be in one color and 8 in another light color if you desire)

From the medium valued fabric cut: 
1 - 5.25 inch square
4 - 2.5 inch squares

From the dark valued fabric cut:
2 - 5.25 inch squares
4 - 2.5 inch squares

For the corner-to-corner method:

From the light valued fabric cut:
1 - 4.5 inch square
24 - 2.5 inch squares

From the medium fabric cut:
4 - 4.5 x 2.5 inch rectangles
1 - 2.5 inch squares

From the dark valued fabric cut:
8 - 4.5 x 2.5 inch rectangles
4 - 2.5 inch squares 

Sewing:  Now it is time to make our flying geese.  For this block you get to choose whichever method you prefer.  In the end we want to have 4 medium geese with light sides and 8 dark geese with light sides.

If you are doing the traditional method, cut the 5.25 inch squares in quarters on the diagonal.  Cut the light fabric in half on the diagonal also.  Piece the light triangles on each side of each light and dark triangle as explained in this post.

For the magic method draw a line from corner to corner of each of the light squares and follow the instructions given in this post.

For the corner-to-corner method, draw a diagonal line from corner to corner on each of the small light squares and follow the piecing directions in this post.

Once you have made all of the flying geese units, lay them out as shown above.  That's right, there are two different designs you can made depending on which direction the outer round of geese face.  I think I kind of like the one I didn't choose better - oh, well.

Once they are laid out how you want them, piece the inner star.  Sew the squares to either side of the top and bottom goose and sew the side geese to the large middle square.

Next sew the top and bottom pieces to the middle section of the star.

I like to pin where the seams match up at the edge of the corner squares and in the middle of the flying goose.

The center is done!  Now to piece the outer round of geese.   Sew two geese together for the sides - press seams open (I know, I never say that, but these seams are Bulky!)  Sew two geese and the corner squares together for the top and bottom sections.

Attach the sides, pinning at all intersections.

Attach the top and bottom strip.  
You are done!
Great Job!



  1. Ooh, I'm already trying to figure out my fabrics!

  2. Are you going to leave these blocks up like forever for those of us who haven't started yet??

  3. Yup. They will be here forever - or as long as blogs and internet exist. :)

  4. What a gorgeous block. Wow. Yes, I LOVE purple so this really catches my eye. Thank you for the great tute.

  5. This is a beautiful block! Faired better with the corner to corner method than the magic method. :( My charming little '68 Kenmore has it's draw backs. Although, she does like exact piecing, so I recut and reconstructed the magic method block with better results. Will try the magic method again when I (hopefully) get a more current machine for Christmas! :)

  6. This was a good exercise, deciding which method to use. I went with the Magic method, as I'd used it last time, and I'm more comfortably with it now I know what I'm doing!

  7. Lovely block. I decided on the less starry, more boxy version :)

  8. urgh! i'm so behind... i just completed this block today. i love it! although, i think if i were to do it again, i might iron more of the seams open. it's one of my favourites so far though! :) Thanks for doing this quilt along and leaving it up! :D