Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bee Blocks And Swaps

I am finally catching up around here.  I finished my July blocks for Michelle in the Twist on Tradition Bee.  I really like the design she choose.
These are the August blocks for Jodie.   Yea!
I also cut up 2 yards worth of charms last night for the Rainbow Charm Swap.  My color was blue and I ended up choosing just about the lightest and darkest blue out there.
Not only did I finish all of these projects, but I put them in the mail!  A major accomplishment for me.  And impressive since our small town post office is only open for 2 hours on Saturday.  What have you been up to this weekend?


  1. Your blocks are gorgeous, and I like your charms too. :)

  2. Great progress! My Rainbow Charm Swap color was blue too!!

  3. Woohoo! Go Leila! Don't ya love a feeling of accomplishment?

  4. What have I done?this weekend? I was at work till about 2, Came home and had lunch, took daughter clothes shopping till gone 6, then started baking for 'Tea and Stickies' fundraiser, happening today. Last night I baked, lemon drizzle cake, 2 milk chocolate cakes, we have also made scones (this morning) flapjacks, Victoria sandwich, gingerbread, fruit loaf, carrot cake and apple pie. I also finished a square for a cow quilt for my friend last night. This morning, I made the scones and iced the chocolate cakes, and the carrot cake. And now I shall get dressed ready to go and do at the Parish hall.
    We also have cucumber pickle to finish later today!
    And this is my day off?
    I may post my cow squares onto Flickr, when I have time....

  5. I got completely caught up on all the SBS blocks. I just discovered your blog Friday night, so 3 blocks Friday, 2 more on Saturday and the last 2 this morning! Phew! I can't wait to see the next one!