Thursday, September 1, 2011

Conflicted Cowboy

 I "cowboy-ed up" and finished the quilting on my Amish Braid quilt.  It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but have you ever been excited about a project, then frustrated during the process and finally, when it is done, you stand back, look at the quilt and say, "Blah, bleck, ugg..."  This is one of those quilts.

The pattern and idea are good, but dominate color is all wrong -
and it makes up two thirds of the quilt.
The inner border is too thin.
The quilting is uninspired .
My husband says he'll sleep with it, 
but it is one of those quilts that you just want to donate.
And that is ok.  I'm not going to be in love with every quilt I make.

Drat all that fabric lint!

There is just one problem.  It is destined to be a Moda Bake Shop project for all the quilting world to see.  Ugg.  It is one thing to share not-your-best-work quilts with blog friends who have seen your other work and know that this isn't as good as it gets, but rather humbling to be obliged to share it with thousands of strangers.

Maybe I will be able to get some pictures that make it look better.  Maybe when the Bake Shop staff see it they will change their minds and won't want to publish it - that would be a good thing.  Maybe it isn't really that bad...

...I just needed to vent now.  I think it is probably poor form to say that you don't like the quilt you made the same day it goes live at the Bake Shop.  ;)

**Edited to clarify:  It is not in the Bake Shop yet, I just finished it yesterday and will send the finished tutorial and pictures to them today.  It will probably be a few weeks until it is live on their website.  I also just got back in from taking some quilt glamour shots and am pleased with how they turned out.  The colors look much better than in real life.  I don't think I will die of embarrassment anymore.  :)   Thanks for putting up with my ungrateful whining.  :) **


  1. Well done you for putting it out there anyway!
    I shall go and have a peek and say something nice!

  2. Oooh, bummer. I'm working on a Bake Shop project right now and I've had that same worry. But I think a lot of times, when I don't like something, it's not that it's BAD, it's just that it doesn't look quite like how I imagined it. Once I get used to how it looks in real life (as opposed to the version in my head), I often like it better. At least a LITTLE better. : )

  3. Awww, that's too bad. I've had a few quilts like that. I think Lee is right about it probably not being bad, just... not what we wanted! :)

  4. Leila, What if you tried to photograph it in a sunset as a finished piece? Sometimes that can alter colors enough to make them appear to play together well, at least for the cover picture. And I'm sure your method and tutorial are top notch, so it will be great for Bake Shop!

  5. apparently it's not at the bake shop yet! But hey, everyone has slightly different tastes so I'm sure that there will be plenty of people who like it--and tell you so! In fact, they might even comment on what they like and you'll see something that didn't see before. Chin up and be proud of the work you've done! I'd be rolling in happiness if something I made went up on Moda Bake shop--I don't care what I think of it! :O)