Friday, March 16, 2012

26 - Wonky Stars

Bushfire Quilt Project - Wonky Star Block 1
Made by BooDilly's via Flickr
Well, we are easing back into the Skill Builder Sampler today with a block many of you will be familiar with: a Wonky or Maverick Star.  I am still waiting for our new camera to arrive  - THANK YOU! for all of your advice - so I am sharing examples of Maverick Stars found on Flickr.

Wonky Star
By Michelle360 via Flickr
Luckily there is also a great tutorial for Wonky Stars already written by Victoria on her blog: The Silly BooDilly.  It even finishes at 12 inches.  Perfect!

wonky star baby quilt block 2
 Made by dspaz_12 via Flickr
Have fun!  I will show you pictures of by blocks as soon as my camera comes in the mail.  Next week I will also have a brand new tutorial of my own for a traditional block made wonky.  It is seriously one of my new favorite blocks -- I can't wait!


  1. love these!! they look great!

  2. First of all, very belated but heartfelt congratulations!
    As for the wonky stars, I've been meaning to try them out for ages, so your idea for the block 26 is exactly what I needed, thank you :)

  3. Congratulations and let's get started with a Wonky Star!

  4. This was so fast and fun. I was worried that it would be difficult with my perfection tendencies but it was fun not to have to stress about exact angles.