Thursday, March 8, 2012

Camera Advice Needed

Thanks for all of your warm wishes and comments about birth control - they have got me thinking.  I actually lay awake in bed last night composing a series of social and political posts in my head, but I won't bore you with them today.  :)   Today I need some camera advice.
A few weeks ago as I was lying on the couch, I let my two year old amuse herself by scrolling through the pictures on our camera.  I let the kids look at and take pictures regularly and it has never been a problem - although it has meant deleting hundreds of blurry pictures of their toys.  :)  But on that day Kate got excited about something, threw up her hands and the camera while yelling, "Yeeeaa!"  The camera did not survive the 3 foot fall onto carpet.  Uggggh!

We have owned 4 cameras in the last 6 years.  The first on died of grit after 3 years.  I dropped the second one...twice...eek.  The third got lost in the airport and Kate just finished off the fourth.  My husband is convinced that we need a rugged camera - and I can't honestly disagree.

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS3 12.1 MP Rugged/Waterproof Digital Camera with 4.6x Wide Angle Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.7-Inch LCD looks good and rugged, has good reviews and people say that the image quality is good - although it doesn't take great indoor/low light pictures (but what point and shoot does?).  Does anyone out there own one?  Am I going to be pulling my hair out over picture quality as I take quilt (oh yeah, and kid) pictures?  Please, let me know.

Do you have a favorite lower price range camera?


  1. Just be careful - I had one of those "rugged" supposedly "waterproof" cameras by Olympus a few years ago. It worked great for about 12 months and then after taking it to the pool or beach or something - some water got inside one of the inner sensors and spots began appearing on my photographs.

    Very expensive to fix. My repair guy told me no camera is truly waterproof and that it is all a gimmick.

    Maybe the shockproof cameras have gotten better the last few years but I'd still be careful. V-Tech makes a rugged digital camera for kids - maybe get one of those for your little girl and keep your regular point and shoot up out of her reach?

  2. Good point.

    Taking any camera into the water even if it is water proof makes me Very nervous. We want it for it's ruggedness not waterproofness. Getting a rugged one for the kids seems like a good idea - until my husband reminds me that I was the first one to break a camera by dropping it. :)

    Our old style film camera would go through anything and I had it for over 10 years -- but I don't think I could ever go back to film.

    So hard to decide...

  3. We own and use an Olympus Stylus Tough camera, and we just love it. It takes beautiful pictures and really, really great videos. (seriously - I can't over emphasis this one. The videos are perfect!)

    We have used it on kayaking trips, but are careful not to actually get it "too" wet. Side note - "waterproof" cameras don't float. Just something to keep in mind. ;) Anyway, We have not had any problems with it. We (I) have dropped it more than once and it keeps on working perfectly. I would totally recommend it! We got ours at Best Buy.

    Good luck!

  4. My last point and shoot was a Panasonic Lumix; not the rugged one but it coped really well for several years. It's demise was also caused by a child, but not dropping; taking a very close-up shot of tomato sauce. Once I'd got the sauce out the lens cover didn't close anymore, so now it's permanently the kids camera. I was rather disappointed as it took really good pictures for a p&s.

  5. I am totally in love with my fuji f600exr. One of this things I really like about is the really great indoor pictures it takes in low light settings. This one isn't either water proof or shock proof but made it through a two week walking tour of Italy and life so far with a three year old wanting to take pictures with it. I keep coming back to the great low light photos it takes. I also scuba dive and it is one of the cameras fuji makes a housing for. So while the housing is not cheap it can be made waterproof. The other thing I am loving about the exr is the 15x zoom. Can come in really handy.

  6. I have had a sony cyber shot for many years and it's still going. you can check the pics on my flickr site, to check the quality. Many of them are indoor and all are point and shoot.

  7. i have a kodak but since kodak is quitting the camera part i may be left out to dry

  8. I second Linz, we use one of these at the preschool where I work and take about 60 shots every day.

    One thing to look for with any point and shoot is whether or not the lens zooms in and out - if it does then it's not nearly as durable, we smashed the mirrors in one of these babies TWICE before my boss bought us the tough, just by knocking or dropping it. So an camera like the Olympus Tough or the Lumix you're looking at is good.

    I have had a panasonic lumix at home for about 5 years now and it's still up to the task.

  9. Are you using a camera strap? One that will leave both hands free at times would be best.

  10. Cannon ixus 70.. Great color definition, little and resistant .. My died on the 10 fall from4ft into the road.. It's ugly outside and hard to find on the market but best camera I had. I miss it and still looking for one again.

  11. I noticed on the same page as your camera link Amazon had a warranty offer that included drops and spill for $44. It seems like that might be a good investment for you guys. We've bought warranties from them before but never had to use them so I can't tell you how that portion works but it might be something to look in to.

  12. I do have a Panasonic Lumix - it's not waterproof but I LOVE it. It's been through a lot and it's still kicking.

  13. Thanks for this post, and to to your commenter for their recommendations. I've had my own dramas and may need a new one myself.