Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Real Baby Announcement!

Kate, Christmas 2009
Yes, as you may have guessed, we are going to have another one of these cute babies in September!   Thanks for being supportive of my break.  It was the worst bout of "all day" sickness to date.  My poor husband and kids had to manage by themselves while I lay on the couch and tried to keep any sort of food down.  On the positive side, I did lose 10 lbs -- although I would not recommend this form of weight loss.  ;) 

I will start back up the Skill Builder Sampler on the 16th of March and we will press on with more wonky blocks.  I can't wait.  It is kind of fun to slowly rediscover all of the things I use to do before I got sick - I even have some bread dough rising right now.

Colleen - February 2010
 Now, if you don't like reading about non-quilt things on quilt blogs, please skip down to the comments and say congratulations.  ;)  If you don't mind reading something a bit personal and political, feel free to keep reading.

Having recently conceived has somehow made the whole contraceptive insurance debate more personal for me and I just need to get some of my feelings out there.   Before I start, let me explain where I am coming from.  I am Christian, I believe that having children is part of God's plan for us and my husband and I waited to have sex until we were married.

 That being said, I am COMPLETELY APPALLED by the national dialog that seems to imply that only single sluts who can't keep their knees together use birth control.  Really?!?

Colleen - Summer 2011
 My husband and I can't look at each other without getting pregnant - he claims he has super-sperm.   He also thinks he is hilarious.  :)  Thank goodness for birth control which give us some control on the spacing of our children.  Having children is not easy for me - I am not a rainbows and unicorns person - and having a child every year - or not having sex ever - would make me have a break down and put unnecessary strain on our marriage.

Z. and Emily - Summer 2011
 When this child is born I will be 37 years old.  We are planning for this to be our last child but I will continue to have periods for 10-16 more years.  Abstinence for that amount of time is not an option.  Rhythm method?  That's how half of our children were conceived - remember the super sperm?    Tubes tied/vasectomy?  I don't really believe that is right, although I do realize that I am splitting hairs on the morality of a vasectomy vs. long term birth control.

For us, contraceptives are the answer until I am 200% sure that menopause has really hit.  And Rush, if you really want a video of my husband and I doing it with birth control when we are 48 years old, let me know.  It could probably be used to scare kids away from sex.  ;)

Aleah - January 2010
Am I the only one out there that thinks contraceptives have a valid place in society?  Or that because they are a prescription drug they should be covered by insurance?  I want to know what you think!  I took a survey sampling class in college and have put my long forgotten skills to work to make a brief five question survey about contraceptives.  Of course it won't be representative of the nation/world, but I want to know what people in general (ok, quilters) think, not just my friends and family.   Don't worry, the survey is anonymous and not racy at all.

Aleah - February 2011
I will let you know what everyone thinks in a couple of weeks. If you have any additional comments you would like to make, please feel free. Remember that this is a kind and positive zone and I will delete any comments that I feel are unkind or offensive. Let us show commentators and politicians that you don't have to be rude or extreme to have an opinion on this issue.


  1. First, many many congratulations! I'm glad you are over the worst of the sickness - that really is miserable.
    Secondly, I am English (and live in the UK) and have been utterly stunned by the contraception debate. It is so strange to me that religion can become mixed up in healthcare, and that some people feel they have the right to judge others, and so harshly. Thanks for opening this discussion - I will follow it with interest.

    I'll get off my angry soapbox now! Congratulations again :-D

  2. First - congratulations!!! I am so thrilled for you! I hope the sickness gets better fast, and that you have a happy healthy pregnancy.

    Second - I agree with EVERY word you just said. Birth Control is an important part of our society, and proper use is vital, I feel, to any woman. I am totally with you on this one!

  3. First, congratulations to you! Second - I love this post and completely agree with your thoughts! I take birth control but for medical reasons, not for actual birth control (I have PCOS and this helps keep the hormones in check). I am also young and single, but maybe the furthest thing from a slut next to a nun. I am also an active Catholic. The thing that gets me is the amount of MEN that have center stage for issues of women's health. Not sure why we as a society are allowing men to dictate such things to us... I wish we'd have such a lively debate on Viagra and other such drugs.... I could go on and on and on about this stuff but I won't. I'll just say well-said, feel better, and looking forward to getting back to the QAL!

  4. 1. Congratulations!

    2. I agree with every word you said.

    3. I'm ready to get back to the Skill Builder Sampler. hurray!

  5. Hope the all day sickness has passed, congratulations for real this time!

    I am 100% in the camp that contraceptives should be covered by insurance.

    The break was timely, I had some other things to do, but I'll be happy to get back to it. Two weeks to finish my Civil War blocks!

  6. Kind of a lurker here as I'm not a quilting blogger (random blogger here--though I am a wannabe quilter). Anyway, I wanted to tell you that this post is beautiful--mostly because of your gorgeous girls (really? 5?!), but also the way that you've voiced your opinion.

    Oh, and congratulations on baby to come!!

  7. Congratulations! That is so awesome!!

  8. Congrats!! A new sweet little baby to love is the best news ever :)

    I do agree with you totally on this crazy talk. Have you noticed it's all debated by MEN too! With our economy faltering and the general financial mess around us I can't believe that totally personal matters are being argued about by lawmakers. CRAZY!!

  9. Congratulations, that's wonderful news, Leila! I agree with you. Birth control prescriptions should be covered by insurance. I've been watching the debate in the U.S. and I'm also appalled at the right wing rhetoric on this issue. Good luck with everything!

  10. First, congratulations!

    Second, I cannot believe we're even having this discussion. I am personally in the "contraception for all" camp but I understand how well intentioned, reasonable people could disagree with me on this. What is not up for debate is that moral, responsible, stable, married women rely on birth control. Calling these women sluts is ludicrous.

  11. Congratulations!

    I started to take your survey, but I felt that I couldn't just answer questions without conditions and explanations. I have taken birth control pills and had no moral problem with it. (I'm also a Christian). The problem I had with the pill was that it messed me up. After I went off so that I could get pregnant, I didn't have a period for 7 months. So I actually don't want to ever go back on the pill because I feel like putting fake hormones into my body really messes my body up. Also, I want more children (I have a 7 year old son), but it's just not happening, so it's really hard for me to sympathize with people right now who abhor the idea of having kids and who even will abort them with they find out they are pregnant. But I do understand that families like yours may not want to be the Duggars and have gazillions of children. I think for a Christian it has to be one of those things that is dictated by your own conscience (or rather what the Holy Spirit speaks to you through the Bible). I should not judge your decision in this matter and I would hope you would not judge another's to never use birth control and have as many children as God gives. But anyway, the whole issue is not whether an insurance plan MAY cover contraceptives, but if it should be required of all of the companies who offer insurance plans. I am not Catholic, but I understand that the official position of the church is not to use contraceptives and there are hospitals run by the Catholic church that don't want to be required to pay for an insurance plan that will cover abortions and birth control. I can understand that.
    I think I'm just tired of all the hateful language that comes from each side of any argument these days. That's my 2 cents.

  12. Congratulations!! I had a strange feeling that it was a form of pregnancy illness when you said the smell of the iron made you sick. (At least I was hoping!) I was waiting for an announcement... Such great news!! :)

    Being 43 years old, married and having a 22 year old son, I can honestly say that I agree 110 percent with your views. I find these kind of comments from the mainstream ridiculous. I would think the insurance companies would much rather cover preventative measures, than to keep covering birth after birth after birth... Not to mention my hubby's nervous breakdown if he became a Dad again at 50! LOL

  13. Congratulations! I'm not a christian but i absolutely agree that everyone should have a choice in using cotraception without other people judging them for their choices.

  14. Congratulations, that's such wonderful news! I can somewhat relate to what you've been going through the last few months. I'm due with my second baby at the end of August and I hadn't been feeling great either. Glad to hear it is getting better!

    I completely agree with you on the birth control issue. If I hadn't been on birth control, I'd probably be pregnant with my 10th kid right now instead of my second - and then my insurance would have to cover the medical costs of the nervous breakdown I'd probably have!

  15. Just thought I would add that I have never been able to take oral contraceptives. They make me terribly sick. But I still firmly believe that they are a prescription and should be covered by insurance and that insurance shouldn't desciminate or base their policies on the grounds of religious beliefs... either way.

  16. Congratulations!!!

    Yes, Contraceptives have a valid place in our society and I do think insurance should cover prescriptions.

  17. I read it all - congrats from me too!
    I'll just repeat what the first person said, being English and all that. While I respect everyone's personal religious beliefs I don't think religion and politics mix. In my mind birth control is a social issue which (whether we like it or not) is fundamentally covered by politics. I could go on but I won't!

  18. Congratulations!! And thank you for such a reasonable post on this subject. Reasonableness often seems to be missing from this national "dialogue"! Yes, prescription birth control absolutely should be covered by insurance! I personally don't think we would even be having this debate if men were the ones who took it.

  19. Congrats to you and your beautiful family!

  20. I took the survey, but didn't answer the question about whether contraceptives could be covered by insurance because it's more complicated than a yes/no answer. Once you strip away all the ignorant rantings from this public debate, this issue is kind of a big deal.

    I'm not catholic and I don't have any moral aversion to birth control, but I do have an issue with the government intervening. If an employer wishes to exclude certain things from the health plans they offer employees, they should be able to do so. There are OTC options for birth control and women can always purchase the prescriptions without insurance.

    There have been a number of reports that the woman at the center of this controversy is not a 23 year old college student, but a 30 year old activist. She has admitted she enrolled at Georgetown not to become a student, but to challenge this issue.

    I agree with you that it's wrong to characterize women who have sex out of wedlock by such derogatory terms (especially by someone as morally bankrupt as rush limbaugh).

    I feel like this issue has just been brought up in an attempt to divert attention from more pressing domestic issues in an election year.

  21. first of all congratulations on your good news .... secondly I had to giggle re your video plans could be the best contraceptive ever for youngsters ..lol !!!
    I must admit that I had my two girls and opted for sterilization as I didn't want to have to take pills for another 30 years to stop me getting pregnant .... even though I was brought up Methodist ... the first thing my mum did was put both myself and my sister on the pill and this was before anything happened ! .... I do feel that they have a valid place in society and should be available for all who need and shouldn't be covered by insurance as that would mean more unwanted pregnancies I feel .....
    good luck with every thing from a slightly older by 9 years friend :)
    love mouse xxxxx

  22. Congrats! Your family is truly blessed and beautiful! Glad to hear you are feeling better.

    As for birth control, I totall agree. In my late teens I was given birth control by a dermatologist to help control acne. I didn't actually need birth control for its real purpose until my late 20's. I paid for it (full price) because it was not covered by my insurance!

    In my 30's birth control was paid for by my employer! Whohoo! In my mid to late 30's I realized that we were having problems conceiving. :( I worked for a large corporation. I was the only woman supervisor in a large heavy equipment plant. One day at our "insurance" meeting of supervisors they told us that VIAGRA was going to be paid for by our insurance. I was floored! I asked why they were paying for Viagra all of a sudden and only started paying for birth control a few years prior. The HR's answer was that Viagra "promoted" life. Then the following year I realized that I need fertility drugs. NONE of them were paid for by the big "man" company. I asked HR why they wouldn't pay for the fertility drugs and they said, "because they are too expensive". Grrrr. I just think that there are too many men concerned with their own well being. The men in that company (and I believe the insurance company) made the rules. Sorry for my rambling. But I think we should have a choice in our lives and there are drugs and options available.

    I'm happy to say that I QUIT that company when I gave birth to our beautiful son.

    Good luck with the new addition to your happy family. We can't wait to see pictures of your growing belly!

  23. Congrats on the soon-to-be bundle of joy! Glad you are past the morning sickness. That is the worst! I a due in a week and a half and am very ready to meet this baby.

  24. Rush is getting his due. He has been bashing people for years. Birth control is a personal issue and it is a drug that should be covered, especially if men's drugs are.
    Congratulation on the new addition. I LOVE babies! I have three daughters and three grands and they are certainly grand.

  25. Congrats!!! I was pretty sure your last post was an announcement. So I've been thinking congratulations for the last month.

    I firmly believe that contraceptives should be covered by health insurance and that employers should required to cover everything. This is for both public health and fiscal reasons. If people delay or do not have access to health care then it just ends up costing everyone more in the long run.

    I'm also appalled that we've sunk to such levels of incivility. We can disagree with others, but that is no reason to call people names. I'll make the exception for Rush. He's an unprincipled hypocritical idiot.

  26. Huge Congratulations!!
    I'm in the UK so we have the NHS amd I do believe contraception should be free for everyone

  27. Blessings to you and your family and your happy news!
    May I suggest this is another reason for the issue of health to not be tied to employment and/or insurance? I'm in favor of national health care, reforming the litigation frenzy and astronomical price tags for care.

  28. Thanks for all of your warm wishes!

    It is good to know that I am not the only person who feels this way about birth control -- for awhile I was beginning to wonder.

    I also appreciate the dissenting opinions too. There is certainly room for every opinion and no issue is cut and dry - thanks for speaking up.

  29. Congrats on your new baby! Hope you get to feeling better soon!

    I am usually just a blog lurker, but felt like I would like to add to the contraceptive conversation.

    I'm not sure why this is such a political issue right not, but anyway. And I definitely do not have every fact on this subject so this is just my opinion. As I see it: The bigger issue is that this is a religious organization offering insurance to its employees. They can not cover any prescription they want. What an employer wants to pay for is their choice. If you don't like it, work somewhere else. Or pay for it yourself. I see no reason for the government to get involved.

    I work of a religious organization and we only higher employees who are of the same denomination. So, is the government going to step in and force us to high those who do not share our beliefs because that is some how more "fair"? I hope not.

  30. I must be dense... never picked up on the "why" of your not feeling well. So baby G will be #5? Congrats, your girls are absolutely beautiful!

    Will be interesting to hear the results of your survey. Like everything political in our country these days, discussions get so far off track and ugly... it's ridiculous.

  31. Leila...I am so happy for you! I can't wait to meet the next G. baby! I loved reading this post and hearing your views on BC...so similar to my own. Hopefully it's not too late to run over and take your survey. Oh, and take care of yourself.

  32. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!
    What great news!
    Really LOLing at 'super sperm'!!!!

    I'm in the UK so not relevant to me, but in my opinion contraception should be included with health insurance and should be available to anyone who wants it.
    My husband and I are both 32, we have two children and do not plan on having any more. We do not consider surgery, for either of us, as an option, because we are only 32 and who knows what the future holds. How can we make an irreversible decision that would effect the rest of our lives when we don't know how out circumstances may change in the years to come? Also, 20+ years of abstinance would be out of the question. That leaves the third option, contraception. It really is a no brainer.
    I see that some have raised issues about difficulty in getting pregnant after time spent on the pill, there are other forms of contraception available. i have a Mirena coli fitted, no pills to remember and no lasting after effects either.
    I will watch with interest for the results of your poll :-)

  33. Hi Leila, many congratulations!
    OK, I am in UK too, so birth control is free on NHS. I, too waited till I was married, and my husband is my one and only. This was right for me, I cannot stand in judgement. I had problems with the Pill, after my second child, and eventually went with an iud. Once this settled in it was a simple and hassle free system, and the Good Lord gave me a brain to use, so I used it, and took advantage of science. You have a brain, you love your husband, and you should do what is right for you.

    Looking forward to the return!

    Much love coming your way,

  34. Congratulations!

    The non-quilting subject is very well written. I have PCOS, but have used Metformin to manage it for over 10 years. When I finally got married at 42, 3 years ago, and both of our jobs were not stable, I went on birth control to avoid having a child in a very chaotic situation. A healthy relationship was much more important and wanted to at least give it two years. Now that we're past that mark, it seems unrealistic to have a child given on-going job challenges and our age. The various insurance companies have handled the birth control costs quite differently--discouraging to say the least as it has continued to cost more. I have recently changed to one that doesn't have such medical consequences and it costs even more! I'd rather be off of it completely --truth be told. But at this point, it feels like a necessary evil.

  35. Congratulations!

    The non-quilting subject is very well written. I have PCOS, but have used Metformin to manage it for over 10 years. When I finally got married at 42, 3 years ago, and both of our jobs were not stable, I went on birth control to avoid having a child in a very chaotic situation. A healthy relationship was much more important and wanted to at least give it two years. Now that we're past that mark, it seems unrealistic to have a child given on-going job challenges and our age. The various insurance companies have handled the birth control costs quite differently--discouraging to say the least as it has continued to cost more. I have recently changed to one that doesn't have such medical consequences and it costs even more! I'd rather be off of it completely --truth be told. But at this point, it feels like a necessary evil.

  36. congrats. and i do believe in birth control. with out it you would have 15 kids instead of 4 , 5, or how every many you can afford to feed

  37. Leila,

    I am so glad that you are feeling better!

    I completely support women's right to use birth control, just not their right to make others pay for it. On the birth control issue I have a few problems with the overall debate. The first one stems from a misconception people have about health insurance. The majority of people think that they personally should be getting more benefits than their monthly insurance payment. This isn't how insurance works. The viability of insurance depends on the understanding that most of the time, most of the people, will be paying more in premiums than they are receiving in benefits. Insurance is meant to provide a cushion against large unexpected costs. Birth control is an expected, manageable cost.

    Secondly, birth control is a lifestyle choice, just like what kind of car to drive, or where to live. Birth control IS a personal decision, which is precisely why insurance shouldn't be required to cover it. If you ask other people to pay for your decision, then it is understandable that they feel the right to weigh in on the decision. Ultimately this argument concentrates down to the fact that we would all like someone else to pay for things we need and use. IF insurance were required to pay for birth control, two outcomes would result: 1) birth control users would end up paying for their own birth control through increased premiums, or higher deductibles anyway, and 2)the cost of birth control use would also be passed onto your friends, neighbors, and co-workers. Which leads me my third issue:

    "Insurance companies" are viewed as mystically having an endless supply of money. An "insurance company" is a formalized group of friends, neighbors, and colleagues. There is no magical supply of free money. The money to pay for more coverage comes directly from your friends and neighbors.

    I'll get off the soap box now. There are a lot of intelligent ladies reading your blog Leila, you should be impressed! What a fun, reasonable discussion.

  38. Oh Tara, we are going to have fun debating this summer! ;)

    Tons of things that are regular and monthly expenses are covered by insurance. People could arguably plan for almost anything except for "big" illnesses (cancer, surgery, etc).

    Of course insurance rates will go up, I assumed that all women would realize that - BUT, not that much and for those of us that already have our insurance covered by our employer we wouldn't notice a difference. I am already paying for people's viagra, heart medicine, insulin...that is what insurance is about...spreading the cost and the risk.

    I think that the insurance system needs to be revamped. It is huge and inefficient and I believe that the massive Health Care infrastructure adds to the cost of insurance premiums much more than adding one low cost drug to the mix.

    Oh, and Brian thinks you are sooo right.

    To everyone else, Tara and I are BFFs and debate issues regularly when her family comes and visits for the summer. We usually have differing opinions :)

    1. I too think we need an insurance system revamp. I am grateful for insurance that pays for birth control. For many of us, birth control is a necessity...
      As far as cost, I was thinking how much it costs for birth control vs a baby. Even if you say birth control cost the insurance company $60 per month, over 20 years it is about 14,000. Isn't that less than the price of most babies by the time you get them home if you include prenatal care and hospital delivery?

  39. Congrats, Leila. I'm so excited for you!

    I believe Birth Control has its place. As for who should pay for it, I tend toward less government regulation. I do think it would be idiotic for a policy that covers maternity to not cover contraception, since the cost of an unplanned pregnancy is astronomical compared to BC. But this is America where we are free to be as idiotic as we choose. :)

    On that note, I am grateful our policy covers contraception.

    I agree with you that the tone of the debate has been disappointing.

  40. I knew for quite a while having another child would be a significant health risk so I took birth control. On my current medications, the baby would be deformed, I would miscarry and it would endanger my life. So my husband stood up and did the v thing. I believe planning a family is important. But I also don't want to pay my tax dollars for idiots who can't support a child or worse. From the Radical Aunt. After dragging you around the Christmas tree would you have suggested children?

  41. This is so difficult. What Rush said is appalling, and it completely detered from the real issue. Should a Catholic, private university be required to pay for and provide something (in this case birth control) that they are morally opposed to. This issue is NOT about birth control, but about the REQUIREMENT of provision. As a Catholic, my husband and I CHOSE to use Natural Family Planning. Just as that young lady CHOSE to attend a Catholic University for her law degree. No one would think twice about asking a Jewish Deli to provide NON-kosher meat or a Muslim butcher to provide bacon or pork chops. I agree with the underlying message, but I abhor the delivery! This isn't a question of the morality of birth control, but it IS an issue of who should pay for it. I do not believe that in this FREE country, PRIVATE institutions should be REQUIRED to pay for something that conflicts with the very basis of their faith!

  42. congratualtions. how exciting for you! i hope your pregnancy goes well. :)

    to throw in my two cents on birth control. i think there should be an avenue for people to have a choice - health insurance should be able to provide that choice. that being said, although i have used BC in the past, i am now against its use completely. i am a very active christian and i truly believe God put us in families (i.e. marriages) to send children to us. whether we have children every year, or not at all, that's in God's plan for us.

    and i totally agree with what kelli (above) said!

  43. Congratulations!!

    I have to say that I'm stunned that anyone would think you shouldn't take birth control! You have to be able to love, care for and AFFORD to have a family before you start having one, and each child is an extra expense (as well as a joy etc...!). I'm English and birth control is free. Yep, free, that's how it should be. We also don't have any moral debate over it, it's widely (though not unanimously I'm sure) agreed that it's a good thing. Bringing up a child you don't want does nobody any good. I remember Irish friends debating this issue when condoms became legal over there, I suppose it depends on your beliefs about what sex is for, is it just for procreation? I certainly don't believe that, being married and childless (by choice).

    I don't know much about this particular debate, but I think it bears remembering that not all of America is religious, not everyone has the same morals or ideas about birth control.

  44. Congratulations to you and your husband!

    The cynical side of me says the government is taking the "conservative" (and I put that in quotes because I think that lots of conservatives are appalled by such an idea) approach because we need more babies to grow up and put money into the Social Security fund -- we wouldn't want to end up like China, with the "one child" policy creating a big fat oopsie with not enough kids being born to support their parents in old age. I won't even go into the whole aspect of religious organizations that act like businesses because it's just too ridiculous to think they get to be special when they don't hold themselves apart in the first place.

  45. I don't think the debate is about whether or not women should access to birth control. The debate is about the government telling private companies and colleges that they are required to have their insurance carrier provide coverage for birth control. I don't believe that's the government's job. There are lots of medications my insurance company doesn't cover and this last year they cut the major medical 20%. So why isn't anyone saying that insurance companies need to provide full coverage for these other things. As far as the female student who testified that she was being denied birth control, that's not true. She has access to birth control. The college's insurance company just doesn't "pay" for it. That's up to them. If she can't afford to buy birth control, she can go to Planned Parenthood where they provide it free of charge. Or she can attend a different college whose insurance company does cover birth control. My thoughts.

  46. First, congrats on the new addition. Been there, done that with the all day sickness, so glad you are doing better. You will enjoy this one greatly, at least I did. I was told that butter bean juice would help with it, but thankfully meds were available for me and no bad effects. I think women's issues should be their own, covered just as they would be for the general population. After all, men get the drugs they need covered. Joan

  47. Congrats on the babe. I'm glad to hear that your sickness has passed. I was really sick with my second child, but thankfully not enough to be incapacitated.

    Thank you for voicing your opinion about this ridiculous contraception debate. I'm married, 27, and a mother of two babes aged 21 months and 5 months. For me, birth control isn't so I can do racy irresponsible things but a way to be responsible by not having any more children that we can't afford or take care of. I just wish more women would voice their concerns and be heard as equal parts of this society. Reading the news I just shake my head and cry inside at how second class women have become. Ok, enough of my soap box rant - let's sew! Portia

  48. I read nearly all of the comments (nearly). Bravo to you for bringing this up, but the thing I might clarify is that it isn't the government that is involved in this battle, but private insurers. One of your commenters believed it was because of male influence at the top HR levels, as well as price; she may be on to something.

    But in the end it's a health issue for women. Spacing children is a whole lot healthier than multiple unwanted pregnancies, abortions, miscarriages.

    Lastly, congratulations--I'm so happy for you. Hope the morning sickness is soon way behind you. And I laughed at your comment about sending your tapes to Rush to watch--a great smile on my face today!

    Elizabeth E.

  49. My husband works for a company that doesn't cover birth control, I assume because of religious beliefs. Birth control is a VERY NECESSARY part of my life. We plan ahead and pay for it out of pocket. Thank goodness for a flex spending account. I use an IUD and call it good for 5 years:)

    I believe a private company has the right to decide what to cover and what not to cover. It is consumer choice to use that service and company. If you don't like the policy-- work with your own company to change the policy. Don't legislate business decisions.

  50. THANK YOU for saying what I've been thinking. I have six kids. Love em all. I am 45 and on birth control. And.....my question I'd love to ask Rush......does the same health insurance company cover Viagra? And what's his lofty opinion on that. Just sayin'.

  51. Congratulations on your pregnancy, what wonderful news.

    I shant comment on the second component of your blog entry. Coming from Australia I find your health system baffling but agree that contraception should be available to all who want/need it, and a reasonable price.

    I am pleased you're feeling better and am looking forward to quilting along once more.

  52. Congrats Leila!

    Aaron and I have the same track record with pregnancy as you do. If we aren't using something it takes us about 3-5 months to get pregnant. I'm not interested in getting pregnant every three to five months for the rest of my life, that's way too many babies!

    It seems like there are two issues here, linked yes, but not the same. The first one seems to be the need for birth control in general, the second is who should pay for it.

    I totally feel the need for birth control in the world. There are times when having a baby just isn't a good idea for one reason or another even if you are happily married.

    Having tried and reversed a tubal I know I'll never go there again. It felt wrong on so many levels after I did it. As far as your comparison between that and long-term birth control you can stop the long-term whenever you want if you decide to have another. Reversals are SO much more expensive and quite the hassle so they are really not the same thing.

    As far as whether or not they should be covered by insurance I think Tara has a point, sort of. It is a choice and something some woman decide they "need" on a monthly basis. There are many other methods, condoms for example. Birth control in pill or shot from is just more simple, to a point.

    However, there are women who can't afford birth control for one reason or another. There are woman that shouldn't have babies for a time due to health concerns. There are other uses for birth control as well, such as regulating periods (I used them for this reason as a non-sexually active teenager). For these reasons it would be nice if it was covered to help these woman have a better life.

    I think the why plays a lot into should it be covered. For example, my insurance doesn't cover first trimester ultrasounds if they are just to take a peek at the baby, but if they are medically necessary and the doctor writes a note to that affect they are then covered.

    The same thing could be applied to birth control. If there is a medical reason they should be covered but if it's not necessary medically then it should come out of their own pocket.

    The gray area for me comes in for the women who think they are too poor. Poor is such a relative term and some people choose to afford some things and have other people pay for the rest.

    Okay, totally rambling on. Sorry!

  53. Congratulations on your new addition! Your husband and I were friends and schoolmates in junior high and high school. I appreciate you adding a sane voice to the birth control debate.
    All the best to you and your family.

  54. I am also a Christian and I do think the Lord is the one who allows the conception to take place. But who am I to judge if someone wants or does not want to use contraception. I used contraception but I also had trouble conceiving. We had 2 boys and then waited 13 years for another child until we adopted our little foster baby. I wish my DH had a little super-duper in his fishies. But we are blessed as God intended with 2 boys and now 2 adopted girls. AND who says 37 is old. I am 53 and enjoying "almost" every minute of my precious new babies who are now 5 and 18 months. AND I think I am entering menopause so unless God really wills it - we are done. Thanks for such a great blog - I enjoy reading your little moments in time. Cathy