Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday

There has been so little Work in Progress around here that I feel like I need make a list and start getting back into the quilting groove.  Here are some of the projects that were unceremoniously abandoned in January.

1.  A half square triangle quilt for the living room.  We live in a older house (built in 1907) and have lots of woodwork and two small stained glass windows in the front room.  I love it, but none of the quilts I have made quite "go with it."  I pulled the yellow and purple colors from the windows and think that this quilt will be the perfect mix of modern and traditional.  I was heavily inspired by these two quilts.

2.  I need to finish turning this pile of fabrics into a Bake Shop project.

3.  I had planned to have a finished baby quilt made out of these wonky fan blocks as a visual for my class at the quilt guild, but that didn't quite happen.  I have 12 made up and just need to play with the layout and sew them together.

4.  I Really Need to make up the blocks for the Skill Builder Sampler in my quilt colors by Friday.  Call me on it if you don't see a picture on Friday of my finished Wonky Blocks, ok?  :)

5.  I want to play around with these retro/vintage inspired eye-spy charms.  They are 3.5 inches square and I have been collecting them for almost 2 years.  When I saw this quilt by Amy Smart I knew I had to make one and bought a set of her charms and have been adding to them since then.  I could never bring myself to make this quilt for someone else's baby - do you have fabric you love that much?   Good thing I am having one of my own!  :)

6.  I also want to play with these 6 inch Japanese charms.  I'm not sure what to do with them, but I am sure I could spend a happy hour arranging them on my design wall.  :)

What are you working on?

I am linking up with Lee for WIP Wednesday.  Head over to see what other people are working on.


  1. So much to do and so little time! We've all been there I think! All your projects are going to be great. Really like your wonky fans and all those charms are just fantastic!

  2. You have so many fun things going! I love the yellow HST! I think it will look great in there.

    I've been in the planning stages for an eye-spy quilt for Alex. This charm pack seems like it would make that easier. Too bad I need a lot more or bigger pieces for a twin size quilt. They are so cute! Good thing you saved them for your baby!

  3. You've got a lot of fun projects going. :) Good luck getting the Skill Builder Block done for tomorrow.