Thursday, November 12, 2015

Now on Instagram (at last)

A couple of months ago my husband's work phone got upgraded and now I have his "old" iPhone with all of the new possibilities that it opens.  Like Instagram.  Yup, I am now on Instagram.  Better late than never.  

I still haven't quite figured out how to upload pictures from my computer - there doesn't seem to be a straightforward way, so content is a little thin (one picture) but I plan to start posting soon.  It will be my "work" account so it will be pictures of quilts and fabric and the like - no silly cat pictures.  ;)

I would love to get together on Instagram.  You can find me here.


  1. If you have a flickr account. Download the flickr app to your phone. You can share a flickr picture to Instagram through the phone. Just click on the picture, find share and share to instagram. I'm about to follow you, I'm druidquilter xxx

  2. If there is a picture on my computer I want to share I will email to myself and open it on my phone and then save it to my photo roll. I'm Baileygirl_5 ... see you there!

  3. Welcome to Instagram! I just started following you, I am @MeadowMistDesigns

  4. I am following you also! I use Instagram to help sell some of my fabrics. Between Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Blogs and Bloglovin, one keeps very busy!

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