Friday, October 21, 2016

Quilt Raffle to Benefit the World Food Programme

The Quilt Raffle has ended! 339 tickets were purchased and we raised $1.695! 
Thank you so much! 

I have been very concerned about all of the things happening in the world. (The US presidential election is not the only disaster. ;) ) With war, famine, natural disaster and political unrest there are problems enough to spare. I feel rather guilty that my biggest 'problems' are getting the leaves raked, the perpetual dirtiness of the kitchen, kids whining about chores and homework and struggling not to eat all the food in my house and thus add to my waistline. Yup, one of my problems is having too much high calorie food in the house. Ironic, because getting enough food is a daily struggle for so many people.

Today I would like to raise money to benefit the World  Food Programme. The WFP is a branch of the United Nations and is one of the nonprofits that has been delivering food to people in the besieged cities of Syria. It has also provided a large amount of aid to Haiti. In fact, the World Food Programme is at work the world over. Not just in the places that make the news, but helping to support orphanages in Africa, building roads so that farmers can get their crops to market and teaching improved farming practices. Take a look at their website. It is equal parts heartwarming and heartrending. 

We have been giving monthly to the WFP for about 2 years (and so can you!), but I wanted to do a little bit more - and with your help it could be much, much more! I recently finished my English paper pieced Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt and I would like to raffle it off with all proceeds to go to the World Food Programme. Tickets are $5 apiece.

The quilt is approx. 92" x 82". It is made from 132 hand pieced flowers and over 700 white spacers.

I machine quilted swirls in the yellow middles, loops in the petals and leaf shapes in the white spacers. It is machine bound in a beautiful cornflower blue that coordinates with the floral backing fabric.

I have to admit that there was an 'incident' while trimming the edges of the quilt which resulted in this patch. (I didn't cry - but I had to take some deep breaths and put it away for awhile before finishing it.) The patch is very sturdy and not noticeable from a distance. It gives the quilt some "vintage character".  (That's my story and I am sticking to it.)

All of the fabrics are 1930's reproductions and the quilt has been machine washed and dried to check for any bleeding or shrinkage issues. It is ready to be used and loved in your home. If 1930's fabrics aren't your cup of tea, it would make a great Christmas, birthday or anniversary present. Give it to your in-laws and you could get the best-daughter-in-law-ever award!

Tickets are $5.00 apiece. If you want to buy more than one ticket enter any multiple of 5. For example if you wished to buy 3 tickets you would enter $15 when checking out.

The last day to purchase tickets is November 11th and a winner will be randomly drawn on November 12th.

Feel free to share a link to this post on Facebook or other social media! Together we can do so much good. Thank you!



  1. I'm tickled that your raffle went so well, and that you managed to raise so much money to feed others. Bless you for that! Though I don't agree that our election was a "disaster," I have been very saddened by the extreme negativity that we've been witnessing since the election. My prayers are that we're on a new and better track toward US prosperity, safety, and mutual respect.

    1. Ha! I forgot to edit that after the election was over. I wrote this post about two weeks before election day. It was an insane election season and I don't think either party had their best possible candidate running. That and all the rhetoric was the "disaster" I was referring to. I did not vote for Trump, I truly believe that he is not fit to be president, but I hope to be happily surprised.