Thursday, February 12, 2015

Extra Echino Blocks Made

Today I finished trimming the 10 blocks that I will add to my brother's quilt to bring it from child to man sized.  It didn't take as long as I thought and was rather fun.   It didn't make as large of a dent the box of neutral colored scraps as I had hoped.  I need to sew more and use up all that fabric.  :)

My overlapping hexagon quilt has languished recently.  I was trying to figure out why I hadn't worked on it in awhile and I determined that it was because I work on it while I watch TV in the evenings.  My daughter and I finished watching the Wolfblood series and have moved on to watching To The Beautiful You, a Korean show about a girl who dresses up like a boy so she can go to an all boys school and be close to this high jumper she is obsessed with.  It is full of all the silliness you would expect, but the problem is that it is in Korean with English subtitles.  I don't mind that, but it makes it nearly impossible to work on English paper piecing when you can't look down for a few seconds at a time without missing what they are saying.  We are almost done with the series (everyone found out she was a girl last night!)  so hopefully I will get back to my English paper piecing.

So, any show recommendations - in English?  Bonus points if it only has 25 minute episodes so I can send my teen off to bed early.  :)

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  1. No amount of scrapping seems to make a big dent which means we just have to keep on making scrappy quilts I guess! Can't say I'm too sad about that and hope you feel the same! I'm sure your brother will be pleased when you hand over that quilt. Thanks for joining us at #scraptastictuesday

  2. hehehe! I watched To The Beautiful You, too! I can't watch any Korean shows or even super funny American shows while I'm crafting because then I don't pay attention to what I'm doing. :D

    Have you watched Brooklyn Nine-Nine? That's really funny, though, so it might be distracting.

    Okay, I'm not being helpful at all, but if you want to watch more Korean dramas, you might want to try or :)

  3. We love Cutthroat Kitchen (44 minutes long) and have been getting into Leave it to Beaver and Saved by the Bell (22 minutes) Last Man Standing (22). I'm a sucker for Property Brothers (40) and Cup Cake wars (40)

  4. What fun blocks. I like the little bits of green you've added. It really makes the neutrals and purple pop without overpowering. I haven't heard of To the Beautiful You. Something to look for. Thanks.