Monday, October 3, 2011

Tree Quilt

 This quilt is finished and has been sent off to it's new owner.  She loves it and so do I.  I had such a fun time making this.  I loved piecing all the different types of trees.   To keep the record straight, I must admit that the tree in the top left corner and the pieced pines in the bottom left corner are from a bee I was in last year.  The blocks had gotten lost under some fabric for a year - oops! - and I am so glad I had a chance to use them in this quilt at last.

This central tree is the fanciest of the bunch.  I love the improv top and cool trunk.

 My husband said this tree looked like a mushroom.  What!?!?  It's totally suppose to be a willow.  It even has the leafy-going-towards-the-ground fabric!  But his comment turned out to be a good thing.  I quilted the word "willow" along the left edge of the tree so no one else could make the same mistake.  :)  Then I decided to add quilted labels to the other trees I thought looked like specific varieties.


Pines (beneath the small pines - it's hard to see)

Then I was on a writing roll.  In the border, I "wrote" the names of many different trees (oak, redwood, walnut, cherry, ginkgo, elm, maple...) separated by a bit of meandering quilting.  Love, Love, Love It!

 The back turned out well too.  I really like the poison green Civil War reproduction fabric paired with Kate Spain's green leaves from Central Park.  The Kona Espresso stripe on the back gave the backing the length and classiness it needed.   Is is just me or does quilting with white thread on a dark background give anyone else hives?  Thankfully, all went well.

Sometimes it is hard to tell from pictures what a quilt is really like.  Sometimes quilts can look good in the pictures (like the purple Amish Braid) and be horrid in real life.  I just want to let you know:
This. Quilt. Is. AMAZING!  
It is seriously the best work I have ever done.  It feels so good to make something I can really be proud of.  I hope I can keep it up!

Quilt Stats:
Finished Size:  approx. 40 x 52 inches
Fabric:  Kona Unbleached and Espresso and a variety of green and brown scraps

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  1. You did a beautiful job! That is an amazing quilt. Woohoo to you!

  2. Your tree quilt is soooo fun! I love the variety in those trees and the open space in-between. It really works! Nice.

  3. Beautiful! I love it! And the willow looks like a willow.

  4. I think it's gorgeous and knew it was a willow too! I love those trees and the quilting looks fantastic :)

  5. I totally thought that tree was a willow right away. I didn't even think of a mushroom! :)

  6. It´s beatifull!!
    I like the idea to quilt the tree´s name.
    It´s amazing.

  7. that looks great! Love the quilted names.

  8. I am totally impressed! You do such lovely work; wish I had your patience for quilting!

  9. I am totally impressed! You do such lovely work; wish I had your patience for quilting!

  10. This is gorgeous, Leila!
    I love all of the small details - they make the quilt extra special.
    I love each and every tree!

  11. This tree quilt is so beautiful!! I loved!!
    It's amazing!!!

  12. This quilt is amazing! You nailed it on every point, the design, the trees and the quilting! Great idea to add all the tree words.

  13. Leila, I have tried to post this comment four or five times now. Lets just say it is getting a little less enthusiastic...... nonetheless- This quilt is perfect! I should have taken the time to finish my tree block while we were visiting. I have been knitting (Christmas stockings again). But your crazy quilt tutorials and ideas are tempting me. The kids can go another year without stockings right?

  14. Stunning!!! I love the free-motion tree names. What a great idea. I would love to make a quilt like this someday!