Tuesday, July 12, 2011

More Star Blocks

I think I have made almost enough 8 inch Civil War blocks for my quilt, now I need to make about ten 12 inch blocks to go with them.  Here are two I made this week.

 This is a flying geese variation inspired (totally copied) from this block.  Please ignore the waves where I tried to ease in too much fabric.  :)  I love these fabrics together.

I first saw this churn dash star here and then when I saw em1097's block I knew for sure I had to make one.  I was planning to use solid brown between the star points but cut out the brown and orange flowers by mistake.  Instead of cutting more fabric, I figured it would be ok.  Surely there would still be enough contrast.  And there is...kinda...  Note to self:  if you don't think the fabrics will work - Cut New Ones!  I still really like it.   I have to find another block to use the butterflies in.  I think they are to die for.

I have been surfing flickr and the Quilter's Cache trying to find more 12 inch star and pinwheel blocks that I like.  Then today I just realized that lots of the blocks in the Summer Sampler Series (another quilt along) were star and pinwheel inspired.  So I think I will be quilting along with them.  I already have a Virginia Star made up in these colors, so I will wait until next week to see what block comes next.

150px Summer Sampler Series Badge


  1. Loving the flying geese block! I want to make one that uses a different color fabric for the very inside of the flying geese blocks as to make a pinwheel center. On my bucket list. Like your fabric choices!!

  2. I don't think you will have to wait until next week for blocks...I believe they are posting a new block on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. So three blocks a week. :)

  3. I love the flying geese block, such pretty fabrics.
    I like the churn dash block too, there is still contrast between the fabrics and I think it's great the way the star quietly appears when you look at it.

  4. Oh yay, so glad you're joining in!! Can't wait to see what you do with it. We're posting new blocks every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for one month. My first block goes up tomorrow (Friday).