Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Waiting for Inspiration and Design Walls

Last year I participated in two rounds of a Japanese Fabric Charm swap hosted by AnneMarie of Gen X Quilters.  Ever since then I have been on the look out for the perfect project to use them in.  I didn't want to cut down the 5 inch squares, but I didn't want to make a simple eye spy quilt with them either (I have another stack of fabric set aside for that!).

Then last week I saw a jumbo granny square block made out of 4 inch squares and made into a pillow.   I feel awful that I can't find the link to it now - but it totally inspired me.  Edited:  It was Elena's pillow for the Modern Mini Challenge I saw!  Thanks!!!

I would use my Japanese Charms to make a jumbo granny square quilt!   I started playing around...this was my first layout.  I ran out of space on the bottom of my design wall but just use your imagination.  Not great. I kept on playing....

...and this is how my wall looks this morning.  Much better, but I might try switching the position of the red and green granny blocks.  What do you think?

I also have a stack of My Folklore dala horse fabric by Leicen that I have been trying to find the perfect quilt for.  I want something somewhat simple with largish blocks that would show off the fabric.   Perhaps something that would be a good Christmas quilt.  This quilt by baileygirl might be the ticket.  I might just use the red and black fabric for the quilt so it has more of a Christmas-y feel.  Or I might keep looking for awhile...goodness knows that I have enough other projects going on right now without cutting into more fabric.  ;)

Do you have a stack of fabric that you are trying to find the perfect pattern for?  How do you decide what to make?

 Before I started laying out granny squares, this was up on my design wall.  It was suppose to be my entry in the Tangerine Tango Challenge, but then I got sick and it got put on the back burner.  I used the same process for these squiggles as I did for the wonky fan block.  The wedges are 5 inches tall and I will machine applique the squiggles onto white fabric.  Then I want to do some fun free motion quilting that echos the squiggles.

I usually lay out my bee blocks on the design wall as I get them, but as it was otherwise occupied, here are the blocks that I received for the first quarter of the 4x5 Modern Quilt Bee.  Thanks ladies!  I signed up to be in a paper piecing group for next quarter.  It should be fun!


  1. The grannies look wonderful!! I agree, switch the red and green :) The Lecian fabric is gorgeous, I always like to know what I'm using my fabric for! I've managed to collect a few odd pieces but most of it is assigned to projects, I just hunt out patterns until I know what I like! Or sometimes I see a pattern and then buy the fabric. Just so long as it has a purpose ;)
    Your bee blocks are lovely too, that's going to be a gorgeous quilt!

    p.s. can you please turn off your word verification!

  2. I have a file on my computer of 30 different quilts i want to make (and ive had to limit it to that number!) they are inspiration based on who i want to make it for and/or a design that just looks fun to make and/or a color palette i like. Rarely do my quilts look like the inspiration because i usually change the color or pattern when it comes time to make it... but that is my starting point. I have them numbered in the order id like to make them... but again, rarely do i keep to that order. I start a quilt when the spirit hits me or when i realize i have the fabric i need to start. (for instance i started cutting a quilt this morning that is number 23... but i hit the jackpot yesterday on vintage sheets and its a vintage sheet quilt! Im so excited to get started on it!)

  3. Fun things going on in your sewing room. I've been wanting to make some granny squares. I think I might use up some fabric donated for Happy Chemo quilt. I think it might be the perfect quilty hug. Your wavy orange is wonderful!

  4. Jumbo grannies! What a concept! Now I want to use some of my rainbow charms to make jumbo grannies!!

    Also: Oh, oh! I'm in your group! I'm in your group!! See you there!

  5. Hooray, jumbo granny squares! Was it maybe my post that you saw? I made one of those a while back... http://breakfastfordinnerblog.blogspot.com/2012/03/modern-mini-challenge-giant-granny.html

  6. When the squares are sideways like that, do you do a square and then turn and cut it that way?

  7. I've had a love for All Things Jumbo this year too. Maybe all those teensy blocks we've done in the past have made us ready for the Big Girls! Love the jumbo Granny block--and fun to see you ponder over it all. I figure I subjected my readers to all my "ponders" but I like reading about others who take the time for some thinking about things, too.

    I laughed when you said you got sick of your Tangerine Tango Challenge quilt--I feel that way too about some things!

    Elizabeth E.

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