Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cheaper Than Therapy

 On Saturday we did not end up going to see the bison after all.  The preserve was much farther away than I thought and my husband had to work later than planned.  I was much more disappointed than the children.  I think I am feeling much more emotional lately than normal - I'll blame it on pregnancy hormones for now - and Saturday afternoon I needed a break, some sort of release.

 Completely mindless sewing was that release.  For over an hour I sewed together selvages that I had saved for the last year or two.  I just placed the finished selvage edge over a raw selvage edge and top stitched.  No thinking except to sort by color.

 It was so nice.  I loved being able to dig though the box of selvages and see so many "old friends" from different projects over the last two years.  Right now I plan to make them into a spool quilt kind of like this one - but a different layout.  Anyway, after some mindless sewing I felt much better about life.

 Yesterday, after a frustrating morning, more mindless sewing was in order.  I started with a bunch of 5 inch squares and some gray strips and just started sewing them together, cutting them apart and sewing them back together again.  Then I surrounded the monster I had made in white.  I think it is one of the ugliest things ever.

It looks like a coffin from this angle.  Maybe I'll call it "Death by Quilting."  ;)  The poor unfortunates at QuiltCon are going to receive this as a block submission.

Will it make it into the raffle quilt?  No.
Be featured on the Modern Quilting Blog?  No.
Thrown out?  Yes, if they are wise.  :)

But it helped me relax and feel better after a busy, stressful morning, so it did it's job and that's what is important.


  1. haha- my first thought when I saw the photo of the block, without reading your comment, was that it looked like a coffin. I suspect that when you combine it with other blocks it will look much better. Or cut it in half along the width and add another strip of white. Too funny.

  2. I've been saving my selvedges too - ever since I saw Ricrac's selvedge dress. That spool quilt looks great and I'm much more likely to do something like that than make a dress. I must remember, though, to leave more of the fabric on the side of the selvedge when I cut it.
    Good luck with the hormones!

  3. I feel terrible that I laughed so hard at the coffin block! I've been making a mess too so maybe we can blame the hormones! ;)
    On the plus side the selvedges look awesome and I love how you've grouped them, they would make great spool blocks! x

  4. Leila, so there is a saying: it is making shit up fertilizing life, kkkkk. I am not an expert in knowing where to go, but quit doing until calm the spirit. I love the halos, I am also collecting, I always wondered how her sewing, and I understand that has to be overridden, so it was that made​​?

  5. that my horrible english ..... if we do not strive to understand not to respond ....

  6. lol, death by quilting! love it! can't wait to see what you do with the selvages. There are also bison at Jester Park. Probably a little closer to you.

  7. how about instead of a coffin, it is a modern luggage tag ;-) Put a circle at the small end and then put they can put their name on it! Just trying to cheer you up...glad the therapy helped, regardless of teh result.