Thursday, October 25, 2012

Getting Things Done...Kinda

Orange Wonky Wedge Quilt
On Tuesday I was whining to my husband that I "never get anything done."  He pointed out all of the things that I had gotten done that morning and reminded me that when our first child was this old I was lucky to get dressed by dinner time - sad, but oh so true.

And I had had a fairly productive morning - I even listened to the presidential debate while feeding the baby and making lunches (was it just me or was it pretty lame?).  I realized that when I said, "I never get anything done" I really was saying, "I haven't had any time to sew and I am stressed that I won't be able to finish the two quilts that I want to enter in the QuiltCon Show and the deadline is November 1st!!  Augh!!"

Neutral Prism Quilt
(Oops....I paused here in the writing process to load some pictures and put the kids in the bathtub and while the pictures were loading, I browsed the QuiltCon site and saw that the entry deadline is Nov. 30.  So no worries, although I would like to get the quilts finished and move on to other things.  Plus I just like to sew and regular sewing time is always a good thing, right?  And now that I know the date is farther away maybe I could finish a third quilt?  Got to make my life stressful, right?  Are you planning to go to QuiltCon?)

Anyway...the original point of this story was that we all get things done, they just might not be what we want to get done or they might not get done as fast as we would like, or they may have to be done over and over again (like dishes) but that is the human condition.  It is just a fact of life that work comes before quilting - so sad but so true.  

And yeah, I know I will miss these times with my little ones when they are all grown up and I have more sewing time.  But right now I keep telling Becca-Babe that I need her to print me out a daily schedule of nap/fussy times so I can plan my life/naps/sewing around her better.  But so far she hasn't provided me with one.  Sigh...a girl can dream, right.  :)


  1. I love your wonky orange quilt - it glows.

  2. love your first photo - great use of props :) your first paragraph made me smile. I remember when my first was a baby and, yeah, getting dressed was a major accomplishment.

  3. I loved your comment of asking for the schedule from your girl, I did the same thing and all I got was a toothy grin. Remember to enjoy the process, I know you have deadlines, but savor your projects like you savor those precious moments with your child. Each need a bit of time alone with yo(meaning each child and each quilt)

    Perhaps you might ask a friend to mind your children that would switch time with you. If they would watch your children now and you could watch theirs a month down the road like when they need to Holiday Shop or what not, just a thought. PS I LOVE the orange project!

  4. When my two girls were babies I never made appointments in the mornings if at all possible so that we would never have to rush around and get all stressed and could have lots of cuddles and be cosy and comfy. It doesn't last, of course, but once the years of getting up early for school etc. start it's a wonderful time to look back on.
    Loving the wonky orange.

  5. What a cool block - I love the wonky wedges. And yes, getting dressed by dinner is quite an accomplishment with a new born. Um, I'm like that we each of our new borns, so I'm impressed you get so much done (even if it's not sewing). :)

  6. It's often hard to fit our sewing into real life, but seriously, your projects are looking fantastic!

  7. Don't worry - it gets better! Every time there's a new baby, I seem to forget (block out) how much time I actually spend carrying the little one on my hip and work one-handed. Mr. M is sitting and crawling now, so it frees me up a lot! Especially with school and your other girls, I'm sure time will fly and we'll look back at the first year going ???? where did it go????

  8. I think you captured early baby-hood perfectly. You're feeling well enough and have just enough free moments to see what possibilities can be available to you, but you have not enough free time to get to them. Because I did this four times over (aren't you on number 5?) I still feel guilty when I take an afternoon off and read a book, instead of hustling around and Getting Something Done.

    Great post!
    Elizabeth E.