Saturday, March 7, 2015

Scrap Hexies: Coming Along

 I have made some progress since January on my English paper pieced hexagons.  It is starting to look like something!  When I cut up all my small scraps for the hexagons I was worried about how they would play together, but so far, so good.
 Becca enjoys climbing all over it (when her horse isn't) and looking at the different fabrics.   She has assigned a flower to every family member.  Her's is the pink and gray one with the seahorses and I think my husband's is the orange/red one.  I forget mine.  I'm sure she will inform me again.  :)

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  1. Hello Leila - I have come to your blog from Wendy Stitchduchess...
    wow I do love your EPP, there sure is a lot of work done so far, your daughter is funny!
    I love EPP too

  2. They look beautiful and she looks like she's having a lot of fun :)

  3. This way it solves the problem of not having enough fabric to finish a block . I love hexies ! I am so trying this .

  4. Beautiful work! and your assistant is too cute in her footies pajamas!

  5. This is looking lovely.. I really like the way you have interlocked the rosettes! I'm always looking out for ways to use up my precious scraps, might give this a try! Linda

  6. So pretty. But what I mostly take from this post is my reaction: "That's Becca?! When did she get to be a BIG girl?!"