Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Denyse Meets JoAnn

So, I just happened to stop by JoAnn's Fabric in Des Moines.  The same one I had just happened to call the day before to see if they were carrying Denyse Schmidt's new line of fabric, and these beauties came home with me. (Tip: ask for DS Quilts - they don't know who Denyse Schmidt is).

I managed to limit myself to 4 favorite 1/2 yard cuts.   I love red and blues!  While the friendly lady was cutting we talked about the fabric.  I said I was glad they carried this line and hoped they would have it for awhile (i.e. until their premium quilting fabrics go on sale for 30% off).  She said, "Well, it's all about supply and demand.  If it sells I am sure we will keep it in stock."  I almost laughed out loud.  "It will sell," I said.  "Some of Denyse Schmidt's out of print fabrics are selling for double or triple their initial price and people online are offering to go and buy this fabric for others who don't live by a JoAnn's."  She looked taken aback and a bit unsure if what I was saying was true.  Oh yes, it is true.  And I would be more than willing to pick some up for anyone who needs some.

Now I just have to find someone in Australia who wants to trade some US color ways for the mustard floral.  :) 


  1. Is Australia getting different colours to USA? I'm in Australia, though I haven't seen hide nor hair of the DS fabric in our Spotlight yet. Keeping a keen eye out!

  2. I know the feeling, I'm in the UK and we don't have it here, but I managed to nab an fq bundle on etsy! Happy Days :o)