Thursday, October 5, 2017

Year of Scrappy Triangles

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I have been playing around with these 6" foundation paper pieced half-square triangles for a while and they are So. Much. Fun. I have made them in rainbow colors, full on scrappy, and low-volume scrappy. It is so relaxing to pick through my box of scraps to find the perfect fabric for each block. 'Cause that's how quilters relax. We play with fabric! And these triangles are the ultimate in fun, relaxing foundation paper piecing.

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Not only are they fun to make, but they are very versatile. So many different quilts are made with just half square triangles. I could substitute these into any of them. So many options.

To keep me on track and to share the joy, I am going to post a link to a foundation paper pieced pdf pattern for a 6" Scrappy Triangle every Tuesday, here on my blog. A different triangle every week for at least 52 weeks! (I have over 80 drafted, so I might just keep going....) To help keep us on track, we will have some link ups and prizes too.

I hope you will join me!

Click below to get patterns for the blocks we've made so far!

Block 1      Block 2      Block 3      Block 4      Block 5     Block 6 Block 7    Block 8    Block 9      Block 10    Block 11    Block 12     Block 13    Block 14    Block 15    Block 16    Block 17   Block 18  Block 19   Block 20   Block 21   Block 22   Block 23  Block 24    Block 25  Block 26  Block 27  Block 28  Block 29  Block 30  Block 31  Block 32  Block 33  Block 34  Block 35  Block 36  Block 37   Block 38  Block 39   Block 40    Block 41  Block 42   Block 43   Block 44    Block 45    Block 46

How many blocks to you need to make a certain sized quilt? Check out this post.

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New to foundation paper piecing? Totally intimidated and can't wrap your mind around it? Been there! But it wasn't that bad once I gave it a go. To get you on your way, I wrote the 'Ultimate Guide to Foundation Paper Piecing'. Clear, step-by-step instructions. You can totally do it and Scrappy Triangles are a great place to start. They are simple, fast, and a great way to practice paper piecing. You'll be a pro in no time!

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  2. Follow me on Instagram @sewnbyleila. I will post pictures of the new scrappy triangle each week and provide a link to the pattern in my bio. 
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Please, share pictures of your blocks on social media with the hashtag #yearofscrappytriangles. I would love to see them!

edited 5/1/18

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If you are reading this, you probably like Scrappy Triangles and foundation paper piecing, so I think you will be excited about this new paper piecing collection. 

There are 1", 2", and 3" Scrappy Triangles along with 1" and 2" wide Scrappy Strips. They are so much fun to make and are perfect for using up your smallest scraps. Hop on over to my Etsy Shop to check them out. The patterns are available for instant pdf download.

I am so excited about these patterns and I hope you like them too!


  1. It's so much fun to find another scrap-happy person! My scraps are piling up and making some of your Scrappy Triangles is perfect for me! It really is comforting and relaxing to sew pieces like this, so I look forward to you sharing your designs!

  2. I saw your post about this on Instagram and I'm really excited about it! I recently learned how to do foundation paper piecing and I think this will be a great way for me to practice my new skills!

  3. I'm in! Thanks so much for this. I love samplers and year-long things and using my favorite scrappy fabrics. When will we start? I'm going to mark my daytimer!

  4. Sounds like a great opportunity to do FPP, which I love. Thanks for sharing this!

  5. This looks like fun. Count me in.

  6. I love the colours! Would like to join in!

  7. I join as well. Was just looking for a scrappy project, my scrap boxes are so full.

  8. Perfect for me. Once a week is doable but can always do more than one of each pattern if I have time. Thanks for the chance to join.

  9. cool. let me know where to get the patterns ...

  10. So excited! Squares look beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Excited to get started. I really need a scrap buster quilt as these little, cute, pieces of fabric are taking over my sewing room!

  12. Oh to get rid of my scraps that are building up!!!!

  13. I made the first 4 Scrappy Triangles today. I can already picture a lovely finished quilt. But it looks like I will have to make two of each to get 100 blocks in one year! It’s gonna be fun.

  14. When I signed up for your blog posts I didn't get a copy of the Scrappy Triangles for piecing. Please, I want to make this quilt in '18

  15. This looks like so much fun. Now the dilemma...Do I go totally scrappy (which I have buckets of) or organized? Decisions, decisions. Or both!! Now that is a good thought.

  16. Here's my problem. In general, I have a good sense of color, and have no prob putting together fabrics with different scale and color. I've made several scrap quilts and they've all turned out beautiful and cohesive. These triangles are making me doubt myself. I pull colors that should work, but when they're put together, it just doesn't work well. I'm at a point of considering an overarching color scheme, and adding pieces here and there. Crud.

    1. Oh, no. Sorry they aren't turning out how you want. That's frustrating!
      I personally like a general color scheme even in scrap quilts. Even if it is just something general like brights, darks, polka dots, reproduction fabric, or cool colors. If I don't, it gets a bit too crazy for me.
      Good luck, you'll figure it out!

  17. well, putting them together (4 of each block) helps. And it points out where I need to make changes going forward. Scrap quilts have never been a problem for me before, so this is a chance to work out glitches. (oh, boy!) I did post pics of them on instagram, but have rearranged them several times. The latest one is coming right up.

  18. I have finally caught up. I didn't join until December and got busy over the holidays. I am really enjoying these patterns and can't wait for each new one. I am trying to make a dent in my massive scrap basket. Thanks so much!

  19. Just learned about this, so I am a bit late to the party but joining along!

  20. I love these blocks. I’ve signed up with my email but have never received anything. I always go online, find it, and print. Would love to automatically get your newsletter

  21. I also signed up, but had to go online.

  22. Hi Leila - I discovered your scrappy triangle project on Pinterest. I've downloaded all the patterns and last night and this morning made the first three. Thanks for helping me relearn foundation piecing. I forgot how much fun it is! Helen

  23. Hello Leila, Is there a way I can print out a complete triangle collection instead of individual ones? Thanks, Marion

  24. This will be sew much fun. Liking the smallness. I am planning on using my Tula Pink left overs from another project. Thank you Leila.