Monday, May 9, 2011

Would You Like To Snuggle With This Quilt?

My friend Alison at Little Island Quilting is "raffling off" this beautiful quilt to help raise funds for ongoing relief efforts in Japan.

Isn't it Beautiful?  
The more I look at it the more I realize how perfect it would look in my living room.  
Just saying.

She is also including a jelly roll (2.5 inch strips) of Pumpkin and Spice, a great line of fall themed fabrics.  For all of my non-quilty friends, this package is worth well over $300.  Only two people have made donations so far, so your chances are pretty good.  If you don't want the quilt, you could always donate, win and have her ship it to me - my birthday is coming up.  ;)

Donate to your favorite charity that is helping Japanese relief efforts (I will be donating here),  and leave a comment on her blog saying you have donated to be entered in the drawing.  Earn two more entries by spreading the word on your blog about her fundraiser.


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