Friday, August 5, 2011

Corner to Corner Quilt Math

The math for corner to corner sewing like we used in the bow-tie block is "easy-peasy-lemon-squeesy", as my six year old is fond of saying.

First draw the finished size of the block (the size once it is sewn in the quilt) on a piece of paper.

Next, mark where you want the angled corner to start.  Fill it in.  Measure the distance from the corner of the large square to the corner of the triangle.  Let's call that distance X.  To make a block like you drafted, you need to cut out a square that measures X +.5 by X+.5.

In English, add a half an inch to the length of the triangle, and cut out a square with those dimensions.  Your main square is also cut a half inch larger than the finished square.

You can use the same method to make a snowball block.  A snowball block has a triangular piece in each corner.  This finished block is 6 inches square and the corner triangles measure 1.5 inches on the sides.

1.5 + .5 = 2  and 6 + .5 = 6.5

I would need to cut four 2 inch squares and one 6.5 inch square to make this block.

Next week we start in on flying geese!


  1. I just realized - no homework this week :)
    But I am going to brush up on my quilt math. It needs help :)

  2. once again thanks for the math :)