Friday, January 6, 2012

22 - Flowering Snowball

Made by Mary at
This is the beautiful block we will make for our first week of curves.  Mary who blogs at Molly Flanders wrote a mini tutorial for the Flowering Snowballs block in June.  I knew the second I saw it that I wanted to make it.  I actually want to make everything I see on her blog.  Mary has a great sense of color and style.  I love her work.

I am not loving my rendition of her block though.  I was trying to move out of my comfort zone by using orange and blue husband says it looks like a flat basket ball.   I think it will look ok mixed with all the other blocks.

Please go over to Mary's mini tutorial, read the directions and print out the templates.  I clicked on the templates, saved them to my computer and then printed them from my computer.  Come back here and I will give some pinning tips that might help if you are new to curves.

  1.  After you print out the templates (on card stock if you have it) cut them out on the outer dotted line.
  2. Trace the templates with a pen (4 petals, 4 outer pieces and 1 center piece) onto your fabric and cut them out.
  3. Sew an outer piece to either side of the center piece.  Press seams away from the center.

My block ended up small...sigh...

 You are now ready to join the 2 petals to each side of the remaining outer sections.  
First lay the point of the petal at the bottom of the outer section.  Pin in place.

Next, line up the top corner of the petal with the top of the outer section and pin. 

 Curve the two pieces of fabric into a C shape as shown 
and tuck the petal down until the edges are close to matching.

Pin the edges together easing as necessary. 

SEW!  You Can Do It!
Remember your scant seam.

Just work your way slowly along the edge.  
Ease any wrinkles out of the way.  We don't want any puckers. 
Repeat these steps and sew a petal on the other side of the outer section.
Press away from the petals and towards the outer section.

Doesn't that look like the lining of a swimsuit or something?  :)
Lay the petal section you just pieced flat on top of the "bow tie" piece. 
Pin at the central seams - they should but up neatly against each other. 

 Pin the outer corners together.  Shape into a C.

 Ease the edges together and pin.

You can let the fabric curve around and just gently guide it under the foot.  
Remember slow and steady and Scant 1/4 inch Seams!

 Press towards the petals and repeat for the other side.

You Did It!  Give yourself a pat on the back.
I know I did.  :)


  1. I totally agree Leila, Mary is something really special, her makes are beautiful!
    I disagree with you about the block though I really like it, great fabrics and nice colour combination!

  2. LOVE this block!! I think I can do it today!! (And then I'll STILL only be behind with the applique block!! lol!)

  3. I think the important thing is to remember the seam line will match, although the edges of the fabric do not, So the bulgy curve has more fabric than the dished curve. But that is not important, as long as the quarter inch in bits work. Then you do not have to be scared of the curve. I was scared of them till I worked that bit out- sewing on collars, panic!

  4. I'm having trouble figuring what size the pieces should be when they are coming out of my printer...any hints?

  5. Unfortunately, Mary did not put a 1 inch mark on her templates. I just printed them out and hoped for the best. Not very scientific, I know. I figured if the block was too small I would trim it down to 11 inches and add a 1.25 inch strip on each side to frame it out and bring it up to 12.5 inches. Sorry I can't be more helpful.

  6. I love this block. And I'm so happy to be sewing again and slowly catching up with the SBS. I still have two applique blocks to make.

  7. I had to futz with the print outs a lot to make them come out to a 12 inch block. It seemed to me that the block was divided into thirds on each side, each corner was part of a bow-tie and the middle was the flat side of the petal. Does that make sense? So I tweaked and tweaked until I got bow-ties and petals with 4 inch long flat sides (finished not total, I'm measuring the bold lines here). Then I measured the flattened "point" of the bowties which seemed to need to be a one inch square (again finished, bold line) and tweaked the center block until I got one to print out with one inch sides. I haven't sewn it together yet, so I don't know if it'll work, but that was my attempt at getting it to come out big enough.

  8. totally awesome ! xx

    Im your newest follower.. i blog over

  9. Oh yeah, I did it all right, but did I make a mess of it!! I just followed the original instructions without going back to your blog Leila, because I was rushing it through in a hurry. BIG mistake, as you would see if you had a look on my blog! I've kept the templates though, so one day in another lifetime I might try it again following your instructions.

  10. It is finished. Totallythe block that didn't want to be made. Iam now all caught up. Too bad it is perfectly square at 11.75" though. Maybe I'll have to just trim and add a boarder.