Friday, May 10, 2013

To Boston With Love

Last week I was finishing up making a few flags for the To Boston With Love project when my girls came home from school.  They all started rummaging through the fabric scraps and insisting that they wanted to make one too.  I took a deep breath, prayed for patience and let them help - after all, it isn't often my 12 year old wants to sew.  After explaining that we were making them to help cheer people up - like a get well or thinking of you card, they decided on what to put on their flags.  Aleah drew and cut out stars for her flag, Emily pieced her rainbow and Colleen glued on her butterfly.

They are so cheery!  If this is what 6 of them look like, can you imagine hundreds hanging together in Boston?!?  The mailing deadline is the 21st of May so there is still time to make one if you want.

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PS And don't worry, I retied the flags with a 1 inch spacing after taking the picture.  :)


  1. They look absolutely gorgeous! GOOD JOB to you all!

  2. I hoped over from Amy's blog when I saw Boston in your title. Just as I told her, I think this is a wonderful wonderful idea to show support for Boston. The flags look so happy and ready to send cheer into the world!

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  4. These flags are so pretty, Leila. What a great idea! Like T.J. said, what a great way to show support.