Monday, October 21, 2013

Tote Swap Reveal

A few months ago I signed up for a tote swap with my local quilt guild.  All the participants made inspiration mosaics and we were given a secret partner to make a tote for.  At this weeks meeting, we gave the totes to our partners.  Can I just say that the gals in the Des Moines Modern Quilt Guild rock!?!  Each tote was a work of art and all the participants totally [get it, tote-ally? :) ] nailed their partner's style.   (Click for more pics of the totes.)

Melissa made the beautiful tote pictured above for me.  I am in LOVE.  She used a variety of American Jane fabrics - we both love American Jane! - and captured the scrappy bright look I like.  I have used it all weekend and couldn't be happier.

Only one partner was really lame and forgot to bring their partner's  Seriously, I think I am brain dead.  So sorry Doris!  Here are pictures of your tote and I will get it to you as soon as possible!

Doris said she liked (among other things) all things British and I got the feeling from her mosaic that she liked a combo of black and bright colors.  So I decided to use a piece of black Echino fabric printed with bright London landmarks as my inspiration fabric.  I started by making a wonky log cabin quilt as you go panel for one side of the bag.  I didn't like it - seriously, I almost threw it away.  But I couldn't tell if I didn't like it because it was ugly as sin or just not my style.  I pressed on and made another panel with a simplified Union Jack.  I was sure she would like that.

I decided to make the bag reversible so that if she wasn't a fan of the first panel she could turn it inside out.  I used a larger piece of the black Echino as one panel of the interior.  I added three pockets (triple zip style), each lined with fun bright fabric.  I love those pops of color!

When it all came together I was pleased as punch.  I even like the first panel now that it is in the bag!  I hope you like it too Doris!

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  1. They are both great! Love the scrappy one you recieved and the black with brights is super. A favorite color combo for me.