Saturday, September 27, 2014

I Spy With My Little Eye...A Finish!

I am always amazed at how much I can get done if I actually work on something.  I started collecting fabric for I-Spy quilt 4 years ago and finally finished it yesterday.  It all started when I saw Amy Smart's vintage inspired I-Spy quilt.  I had always thought that type of quilt was too busy, crazy and (I have to admit) cheesy but her fabric choices made it super cute.

The neighbor girls helped hold up the quilt.  Thanks!
I didn't feel like I should be too picky about foot and hand placement since they weren't my own kids/husband.  :)
So I bought one of her 3 1/2" charm packs and started collecting fabric.  I swapped some fabric for I-Spy type prints, used some from a Japanese fabric exchange and found quite a few in my own stash.  There are almost 200 different fabrics in the quilt.  Insane!

I pulled the bag of charms out from under their layer of dust this winter and used them as leaders and enders, but last week I just decided to work on it full time and finish it up.

If I had it to do over I would probably choose a light tan for the background squares like Amy did so the whitish blocks would stand out more, but then again maybe not.  Most of the blocks do look great against the white.  I would also have removed any fabrics that I didn't absolutely love.  I thought it wouldn't matter if I didn't personally like every print included, but it bugs me.  Not a deal breaker, but something to keep in mind for other quilts.

All in all, I still think I-Spy quilts are busy and crazy but this one is my type of busy and crazy.  It will be fun looking at all of the different fabrics because while there a few I don't like there are Tons that I Love.  (I'm looking at you Heather Ross, mushroom and fairy tale prints.)

Finished size:  Approx.  57" x  69"
Fabric:  3" (finished) charms and Kona unbleached PFD (my favorite off-white)

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  1. That is so beautiful!
    Love the fabrics you have in this quilt.

  2. I love your quilt. It's funny how we love some fabrics and hate others but they still work in a quilt. I made a cat quilt for my DIL and it turned out precious, using loved and disliked fabrics. It all came together and I loved it. I always loved white or snow as a background but now am starting to think creamy yellow or soft soft pink will work, opening my mind to other possibilities. Or maybe your Kona unbleached will work. Thank for the hint and I do love your quilt.

  3. Very nice and really cute. I have a question~hope it's not to silly. Where in the world did you find 31/2 inch charms?

  4. Just think of all the story time prompts you've got now for your kids! Charmed!

  5. Your color and fabric choices make this quilt eye candy for sure.