Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Heather Ross Bag - At Last

I bought some Heather Ross fabric years ago planning to use it to make a bag and last week I finally did!  The coral print with the little girls playing with horses was the inspiration fabric.  I thought about doing the whole bag with that fabric, but then decided that it might be a little much.

So I made a bag with lots of different HR fabrics all improvisationally pieced together.  (To tone it down?)  I picked linen fabrics that were in the warm orange/coral/pink family and then added a punch of aqua (not HR) to keep it from getting to boring.

I used the free Phoebe pattern but lengthened the strap because it was blatantly too short --- and then I had to shorten it back up because the pattern was correct.  Note to self:  Make the pattern as directed the first time round - the author might just know what they are talking about.  :)


I love the inside pockets.  The rose and tape measure fabric are some of my favorites.

Part of me feels kind of silly walking around with a coral patchwork bag but the other part of me knows that everyone else wishes they had one too.  ;)

The Des Moines MQG are having a holiday swap this week and I think I am going to have to make another bag to swap.  The Phoebe bag is a great size and shape and goes together quickly.  And if I am busy sewing then I can put off raking leaves.  Win-win!


  1. I love the bag. Thank you for the link. I'm always looking for bags around that size

  2. I really like your bag. Great choice and placement of fabric!

  3. I just love it. This is easily the kind of bag I would happily have and use all the time as I love colour and fun designs. x

  4. What a great bag! Anything HR is wonderful, and the blue you added in is just the right touch. I just poked around your blog a bit - so many pretties! I found you through little island quilting. Will find you on IG, too. Nice to "meet" you!