Friday, April 7, 2017

United We Stand

At the beginning of the year 1A, a radio show, challenged listeners to use the 45 words in the 1st Amendment to make something artistic during the first 45 days of our 45th president's term. (Lots of 45's there.) This is what I made. I thought (for 2 seconds!) about foundation paper piecing all of the letters, but decided that printing the words on fabric was a more time effective idea. (Here's the tutorial I used.)

Adding background fabric to the text bubbles.

I chose different colors and shapes of text boxes and background fabrics to represent all of the different people in the US. We are all different, but that is OK. In fact, it is what makes America great! The 1st Amendment outlines some of the limits of government and protects all of us. All. Of. Us. 

That is why I think of this quilt it as my "United We Stand" quilt. Even with all the political discord, I hope we can all stand behind protecting 1st Amendment rights.

I continued the "we are all different" theme into the quilting. There is chunky hand quilting and machine quilting in circles, triangles, and rectangles.

After a lot of thought, I decided not to quilt the speech bubbles. If the quilt is handled to much (like when I was hand quilting) the fabric poofs, but it ironed down flat again. Since I am planning on using it as a wall hanging, I think it will be alright.

I really enjoyed making this quilt. It gave me time to think about all of the good that comes of having freedom of religion, speech and the press. Let's stand united in embracing our 1st Amendment rights and defending others' rights with the same passion. (Even if you do think they are dumb.) Eroding anyone's rights just erodes our own.


  1. I am so glad to have the chance to tell you how much I love your quilt. I saw it via 1A and was really struck by it. I think your choices placed the emphasis on the individual elements of the First Amendment. Excellent title, too. The entire quilt gives us much to think about. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. LOVE this. I've been gathering recently with friends from highschool, women I haven't seen in 30+ years, all of them artists. And it has been refreshing and invigorating to see the art that is coming out of motivation to stand firm for our rights (wrote tights by mistake. That would be a different quilt).

  3. This is the most interesting Challenge that I have heard about in...just EVER! Your quilt is perfect. I can't tell you how much I love everything about it.
    xx, Carol

  4. What an awesome, amazing, patriotic statement you have made! I admire your idea and your workmanship. Thank you for expressing the challenge this way. I need to pin this to my Quilts I Admire board.
    Isabella's Whimsy

  5. Here it is!

  6. I LOVE this! What a great job!

  7. Love this! Wonderful quilt, from idea to creation. Your quilting is beautiful.