Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Block 3 - Year of Scrappy Triangles

Welcome to Week 3 of a Year of Scrappy Triangles. Last week, I said Block 2 was one of my favorite blocks ever. But so is Block 3. I love it! Especially in that fall colorway.

 Block 3 is half of a traditional log cabin block and there isn't anything better than scrappy log cabins, in my opinion, except maybe for scrappy log cabin triangles. :) It's constructed in the same way as a regular log cabin block, except you'll start with the small central triangle and then add 'logs' to just two of the sides. Fast and easy!

Not only is this block easy to make and super cute, it helps me use up my long narrow scraps. I've got a lot of those and I am sure you do too. Feel free to make more than one! 

I have loved seeing all of the blocks you have been making on Instagram. Check out everyone's blocks here: #yearofscrappytriangles and follow me @sewnbyleila

Click here to find links to all of the blocks in the Year of Scrappy Triangles.
Find 1, 2 & 3" Scrappy Triangles in my Craftsy or Etsy shops.


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