Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Year of Scrappy Triangles - Block 8, Some Quilt Math, and Layout Options

Hello, it's Tuesday again and time for another Scrappy Triangle! This triangle was inspired by all of the 2 1/2" charms I got as freebies at Quilt Market last spring. Each block uses 4 charms, so the charms won't be going anywhere fast, but every little bit helps.

I was doing some math over Thanksgiving break, and I thought I would share some of it with you. To make a Queen sized quilt that fits our bed (90 x 96) I will need 240 blocks which averages to 4.62 blocks each week - 4 or 5 blocks. The three blocks a week I've been making isn't going to cut it, so I am going to up the number of blocks I make for the next few weeks to 6. (I'm also choosing easier patterns during the Christmas season so we don't get overwhelmed.)

Here are the numbers for different quilt sizes:
Queen (90" x 96"): 240 blocks,  4.62 blocks per week
Twin (66" x 84"):    154 blocks,  2.96 blocks per week
Throw (54" x 60"):   90 blocks,  1.73 blocks per week
Baby (36" x 36"):     36 blocks,    .69 blocks per week
         (42" x 42"):     49 blocks,    .94 blocks per week

Of course, this assumes that the quilt is made entirely out of Scrappy Triangles. If you throw in some un-pieced squares, it will significantly reduce the number of blocks you need. For example, this 24" jumbo block only uses six Scrappy Triangles. Make 9 of these blocks, and you would have a 72" x 72" quilt that used only 54 scrappy triangles and 72 4-patches. Not too shabby. There are tons of options!

And to help us all stay on track, I am going to have a giveaway next week for everyone who has finished the first 9 blocks, so keep those blocks coming! And check out everyone's Scrappy Triangles on Instagram with the hashtag #yearofscrappytriangles.


  1. Fun to think of the options. I need to catch up! ;-)

  2. For the blocks that are asymmetrical, can you please release a mirror image PDF?

    Also wondering if you plan to release ALL your 80+ designs within a year of the start of this project? Trying to complete multiple quilts indifferent color schemes and planning ahead. I don't usually enjoy going back to something I have made before.

  3. I'm sorry, I'm not planning on releasing mirror image patterns. It is a lot for me to get these done. :)

    I will have 52 blocks done for sure within a year of starting. I'm not sure what I will do after that. I might continue on and do 80, or I might release the other blocks as a pdf pattern for purchase, or I might decided that I am burned out and do neither. I'll have to see how I am feeling and what else is going on in my life next fall.


  4. Thanks for quilt size block needs. Great info.

  5. I love the set and colors you show above...lets me think I can do this without making only paper pieced blocks:)