Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Block 5 - Tiny Piecing Sampler

I don't think that there is anything more classic than a pinwheel shape in quilting. It is simple, fun, and cute. In this quilt block tutorial, we will make 4 pinwheels out of foundation paper pieced Scrappy Triangles and join them together with some background squares. 

There is both a 6" and 12" version of the block. The size of the squares and triangles are different, but the block construction is the same for both blocks.

Let's get going!


For the 6" Block
(16) 1" Scrappy Triangles
(5) White 2 1/2" squares

For the 12" Block
(16) 2" Scrappy Triangles
(5) White 4 1/2" squares

1. Lay out four Scrappy Triangles in the shape of a pinwheel.
2. Sew together into columns and press towards the unpieced triangle.
3. Sew columns together. Press seams open.
4. Repeat to make 4 pinwheel units.

4. Alternate the pinwheel units and the white background squares.

5. Sew units together into rows. Press towards the white squares.
6. Sew rows together and press.

There you go!
Stop by next Tuesday for Block 6.
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I'll let you know when there are new patterns, tutorials & sales.