Friday, November 11, 2011

17 - Starry Night

Today we move onto an intermediate paper pieced block.  We will be making Starry Night, a pattern that Faith recently posted on her blog Fresh Lemon Quilts.  Her instructions are clear and straight forward and I had no problems making this block.  That is a first!  Yea!  I am getting better.  :)

I really don't have anything else to add, so head on over to the Starry Night tutorial and start sewing!


  1. I'm loving the paper piecing! I didn't think I would, but the accuracy and neatness is so pleasing! I do much better with this method than with traditional piecing (but that's probably mostly due to my impatience and carelessness). I can probably only slightly blame my lack of a 1/4 inch foot ;)

  2. I have now sussed the ripping out again. I am ripping out between paper and fabric, not between two layers of fabric. Much easier. Free tip of the week!

  3. I love how yours turned out! I'm glad you didn't have any trouble with the tutorial. :)