Saturday, March 2, 2013

QuiltCon Post #3

Here is the last group of quilts that I took pictures of at QuiltCon:

This was an amazing quilt!  The quilting and piecing were even better in person.  It really deserved the Best in Show Award.

I love this "Modern American Jane" quilt.  It think it would be fun to do as a group quilt along.

Blurry, but very traditional pattern and fabrics in an alternate layout
Love this!

I really like this one too!  So simple yet so cool.

There were many more amazing quilts but these are the only ones I had time to get pictures of.  So many ideas!  So little time!


  1. Hi Leila! Love to see all the pictures, I have just a limited set of photo's. Did you know that I made the first try-out of what became Flying Geese and Swans in your Skill Builder last year! So happy you saw it and hope you feel and take your share in the happiness :)

  2. Спасибо! Интересный пост, много идей. Творить и удивлять.

  3. Very cool - thanks for sharing! Is is ok if I repost "Hope Takes Flight" on my blog post? I am in that bee and would like to have a pic of it from quiltcon...

  4. I just finished posting up Road to California photos, so it's nice to come over here and see QuiltCon--a completely different show. Thanks!