Sunday, January 5, 2014

Double Star in Thirteen Color Combinations

Over two years ago I made this Double Star block as part of the Skill Builder Sampler and last week I thought that I would revisit it.

This is the block I made.  Much lighter and more open than the original.  Before I came up with this coloring I played with quite a few others.  You see, I bought myself EQ7 as an early Christmas present and had to make it earn it's keep.  ;)  (I love that program!)  After trying a few different color combos I kept coloring to see how many different color/value combinations I make. 

The first time I saw this block the quilter used this rainbow fabric placement.  I really love the look.  I might have to make another block.  :)  Here are the other designs I came up with:

  "Fire Star" blocks for my 4 year-old super hero girl.

I love the navy and blue color combo! 

 I grant you, there are probably easier ways of piecing some of these variations, but wow!  Pretty amazing what differences color placement and value can make.  You can find the tutorial for this block here.  

I hope you had a Merry Christmas and have a Happy Sewing New Year!
Keep warm!  The high here tomorrow is going to be -8F/-22C.  I'll be staying inside (and hopefully sewing).  :)


  1. wow! What can one do with so ease pattern! Thanks for showing.

  2. Fun to see all the different ways you can put together one block.

  3. Isn't EQ7 SO much fun!!! I can see you've been enjoying playing a little.... a whole new world of possibilities!

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