Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Keepsakes Fabrics Giveaway - A lifetime Supply of Fabric

So I just heard about Keepsakes Fabrics' Giveaway and wanted to pass the info on to you.  The Grand Prize is a lifetime supply of fabric! How sweet is that?  I looked up the details and a lifetime supply means you get 52 yards of fabric a year for 20 years!  But what makes it even better is that the winner gets to pick out her/his own fabric four times a year.  No ugly fabrics!   There are also prizes for two years supply of fabric up for grabs and 50 magazine subscriptions.  Not too shabby.  You can click here to enter. 

In the interest of  full disclosure, I get an extra entry every time someone enters the contest from these links, but I promise I will have some really, really great fabric giveaways if I win.  :)  Once entered you can also share a link on your favorite social media and receive extra entries.  So click on over and enter.  :)  Contest ends on 2/28.


  1. Not open to international people :-(
    Not that I need any more fabric!

  2. I entered the contest from your blog. Hope you win!

  3. I'm too late, but I would have like you to win! I look at my closet now and think: Girl, you never need to buy one more yard of anything. . . but then I do.

    P.S. I'm having fun "batch-reading" your blog tonight!