Friday, February 14, 2014

Orphan Blocks For Street Children

Quilts for Mexico City's street children. Shamelessly stolen from

At the beginning of the year Alison blogged about how her family went to Mexico City over the holidays and visited a home for street children.  Click on over and read more details about her visit here.  Let's just say that the plight of the homeless children in Mexico City is overwhelming and appalling.  (Google Mexico City Street Children for tons of stories.)

Alison decided to do what she could and find quilts for as many of the children as possible.  To be able to help more children she has been asking people to send her 12.5" square quilt-as-you-go blocks which she will make up into quilts.  (Details here.)  I absolutely love the quilts she has made so far.  They are a happy riot of color and patterns.

So I finally got my act together, rummaged around in my sewing room and found 5 orphaned quilt blocks.  I layered them with some scraps of batting and used some fabric that I wasn't in love with anymore for the backing and quilted them up.  So Easy & Fun.  There was no stress basting because the blocks are so small they just about stick together on their own.  The quilting was a breeze because the blocks are small and easy to maneuver.  As an added bonus I was able to practice some new free motion quilting designs.  A win-win-win.

Find a good use for extra blocks?  Check.
Use up batting scraps?  Check.
Get rid of that less loved fabric?  Check.
Practice free motion quilting?  Check.
Do a bit of good in the world?  Double Check!

Before going to the post office I checked postage rates online and my jaw dropped.'s kinda spendy to send packages overseas.  So here is my plan.  If you would like to send me your quilt-as-you-go blocks and a dollar or two for shipping, I will put together a large package of blocks and send them to Alison.  Win-win-win.  :)

So dig out those orphan quilt blocks that you know you aren't ever going to use, quilt them up and send them out into the world to do some good.  Shoot me an email or leave a comment and I will send you my address.


  1. Thanks Leila. I'll add your offer to my blog post.

  2. I saw what Alison was doing on her blog and was really taken by it, but didn't think I had the time as I'm an accountant and its tax time. But I have a whole stack of orphans from quilting bees that would quilt up pretty quickly. I'd probably need about a month so if that's OK I would be happy to do some. Let me know

  3. I mailed some blocks to Alison last week and was also shocked at the rates! The postal clerk told me it's less expensive to use your own packaging instead of a priority envelope/box and that it would arrive at the same time. That is what I did and it cost about $16 vs $24. Still, it's not inexpensive. I love your idea of collecting blocks and postage and sending a large package together. I will have more blocks done soon, just let me know where to send them. Thanks, Leila!

  4. Leila, you're a peach. I'm busy getting some blocks together - please send me your address ASAP, and God bless you!

  5. You are a dear. I am gathering up some blocks as well to donate and I am good for a few dollars for postage. Please email me your address and when you would like the completed blocks. What a great idea!

  6. I, too, am interested. Do you have a deadline? Please send address and I will get these off to you, along with a few bucks to help cover postage. Thanks for co-ordinating our efforts this way. I was shocked when it cost me $7 or $8 to mail one slab block to Cheryl Arkinson in Calgary...

  7. I don't see a link to your email anywhere.... not sure if you will see mine as I am not a blogger.

  8. Hi Leila,
    I'm getting ready to quilt a number of blocks for Alison. I'd like to send them to you, along with my contribution towards mailing. How do I get your address?
    Laura Links
    Baltimore MD

  9. Great idea. I just posted two blocks for $17 from here on the Texas Gulf Coast. Next blocks will go to you. Thanks so much.

  10. I'm just hearing about this today for the first time. Will be happy to send you some blocks if you are still collecting them. May I have your address?

  11. Hi Leila- are you still collecting/sending orphan blocks? I emailed you earlier for your address - could you send it along if you are still gathering?

  12. altho i make baby quilts to send to a Native American reservation in South Dakota, i did make 10 and beg 2 blocks a couple of weeks ago for about $20...if i knew your schedule of sending, i Might make more and get them to you (and Might get some from others)....perhaps with the interest above you might email all those interested a plan - if so, please include me

  13. I hope this worked out for you. I sent a tea towel overseas to Australia and it cost me more than the tea towel itself. I've also become sort of a "keep it in the community" sort of charitable contributor, following along the church's guidelines, to donate to our local Deseret Industries, and work there. However, having said that, I applaud those who are making the world a better place no matter how they do it, and bravo to you for gathering together a batch of blocks to send.