Friday, September 11, 2015

QST Rainbow Quilt

 I started this quilt back in January I think.  I was inspired by this rainbow quilt, but decided to make it out of quarter square triangles (QSTs) instead of half square triangles (HSTs).  The solids are a mix of Micheal Miller Cotton Couture Solids that I got on clearance last fall.  I Love them.  They are so soft and have a much finer weave then some solids (K---).

Each QST is 8" square and the quilt measures 56" x 72" - almost bed sized.  (After some piecing issues I had to trim the blocks smaller than I had planned.)  After more pondering why the QST units didn't turn out well (not all of the seams run exactly from corner to corner) I think I have figured out why.  I had made HSTs and cut them in half (on the bias) and then laid all of those units out, moved them around and made my final layout.  Then they got all mixed up and I had to do it again.  I think that handling them so much might have distorted some of the units and contributed to their wonkiness.  That and I was in a hurry when I was sewing.

Since it was fairly large and had the thicker flannel backing, I rented time on a long arm machine (specifically made for quilting).  I thought briefly about changing out the thread color as I went across the quilt, but decided it was too much trouble.  So I decided on a light gray thread.  I wasn't sure about it at the time, but it is perfect.

I Love this quilt.  It is so happy.  I had planned on giving it to my sister, but now I am not so sure.  Maybe it will just live on our couch for now and if I am feeling less attached and more generous at Christmas time and if she Really likes it, then I will gift it.  :)  It is nice to make something that I really like.

I bought some fabric this week for a new quilt.  I usually shop from my stash when I am making quilts and buy what I don't have on hand, but I really wanted a specific look, so I splurged.  I cut out some blocks yesterday and hope to be able to sew them together this weekend.  If it turns out as well as I imagine it is going to be great!

I hope you have a great weekend and get some sewing in too!


  1. Love you quilt! Can't see any mistakes from here :)

  2. I love the colours I can understand why you want to keep it!

  3. Beautifull ! I love all the colours like sparkling jewels !

  4. I vote that you keep it for yourself. It's so beautiful.

  5. Great work, I really loved this very much. Rainbow color is really awesome. What kind of material is this? nice one!!

    - Shirley online nursing degree program

  6. This is WAAAAY fun! I love the rainbow (or, color order, as some quilters call it) of this quilt, and love the layout of your HSTs. They are really fun to play with and I totally empathize with you on moving moving moving them around.
    I agree that the Couture Solids are a softer hand, are easy to quilt, and are much drapier, but I wasn't as keen about how much they wrinkled as I worked with them. I was happy to get mine quilted and done!