Friday, September 4, 2015

Sewing With Kids - Zipper Pouches

Front - notice how we used the extra piece of zipper for the tab on the pink polka dotted pouch?  Love. 
 This summer was altogether too fast and and the same time too slow.  We started out with tennis lessons at the park then our epic road trip to California for my brother's wedding, and then I madly prepared for the iQuilt class.  Once I was done filming there were only a few days to go shopping for school supplies before school started.  But there was still one more thing I wanted to fit in.  I wanted to sew something with the kids.

I have a love/hate relationship with sewing with my kids.  Sewing is something I do that is "my" time.  It is relaxing, fun and productive.  All of those positives disappear when I sew with my kids.  It is not relaxing and I really have to work on being patient.  But I guess it is productive.  We do make stuff that is cute and usable and I really do think it is important to teach them to sew, so I have a "Sewing With Kids" goal that I try to stick to.  One project per kid per year.  Yeah.  Not a big goal.  Baby steps.  But I wanted to work it in before school started.

The backs.
They added earbuds to the school supply list this year so I decided that making a small zipper pouch for the earbuds would be a good plan - plus they are so darn cute - and fast.  Some kids went for a bigger pencil/crayon sized pouch.  Even Becca (age 2) took a turn "sewing" (sitting on my lap as I sewed the pouch out of fabric she picked out).

The pouches were a fun, quick project that is very usable and super cute and the girls had a lot of fun making them.  Now I just need to get the 15 year old to sit down and make something before January 1st.....

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  1. Good for you! Love the use of the zipper for a tab! Your girls are going to be so thankful you taught them to sew. My 20 year old just borrowed my extra sewing machine to recover cushions in his new place.