Monday, March 3, 2014

How My Husband Got Me To Try Applique

When we visited family this summer I snapped some pictures of some of my first quilts.  
When I first started quilting I swore I would never applique.  Too tricky, time intensive and tedious.  When my sister-in-law was expecting her second child, my husband got it into his head that we should make a quilt with appliqued clouds and a kite in the center.  I don't know why he was so determined to have a kite quilt but I couldn't talk him out of it.  I told him I would do a pieced border but if he wanted an appliqued center he would have to do it himself.  

And He Did!  He drafted the pieces and got to work on it.  He stitched while we watched TV in the evenings and even worked on it in the airport while traveling for work.  He got some really funny looks.  Not very many men applique - much less at the airport.  :)  But he got it done in time for the baby’s birth.  

It wasn’t perfect - neither was my piecing or quilting!  - but He Did It!  And what's more, it has held together through multiple children!  I decided that if my husband, who had never picked up a needle, could applique then I could too.  And it turned out that applique was a relaxing end to the day, not a tedious chore.  Who'd have thought?

We aren't going to like every quilting technique.  I hate piecing apple cores with a passion!  But not to try things because we are afraid?  Well, that's just wrong.  Try new things!  Overcome fears!  If my husband can quilt so can you.  :)


  1. ok, this is terrific! Love hubby's work, and your attitude. I think you both could do anything! ;-)

  2. What a fantastic story! I was really sure I'd hate hand applique, too. And the first time I tried it, I did hate it -- but it turned out I'd misunderstood the directions and that was why it looked so bad. I tried it again and liked it a lot better. I'm still not that great at it, but I enjoy it.

  3. Well this is one of the most amazing children's quilt I've seen, thank you for sharing the story behind it!

  4. I am linking to this blog with the updates because I love love LOVE my Leila quilt and show it off to everyone. I think both you and Brian are the amazingest.

  5. Great story. I felt the same way about appliqué until I lived on the East Coast for a year and joined a quilt guild, where their get-together nights for sewing did NOT include any sewing machines--only hand work. I reasoned if I couldn't learn to appliqué there, among all those near professionals, I was hopeless. I had lots of guidance, and can now say I've done several appliqué projects, some by hand and some by machine. I like it both ways.

    I think the story about your husband doing this is the best. What a wonderful guy you are married to!


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