Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Last year the towel situation in our home was driving me nuts.  Seven people = seven towels to keep track of. That's a lot of towels.  I like to use our towels more than once and I could never remember who's towel was who's or how many times it had been used or who to yell at ask to pick up the towel lying in the middle of the living room.  Plus most of our towels were wedding gifts and were looking rather worn.

So I picked up some towels at the after Thanksgiving sales in everyone's favorite colors.  A few months later (of course) I added each person's initial with Heat 'n' Bond and zigzagged around the letters.

I added a piece of ribbon or twill tape to the middle of each towel so aid in hanging - now they don't fall off the hooks!  It is the little things that make life great!  :)

It was the best investment ever!  Everyone loves their towel and I am not going crazy anymore.  :)   Aren't clean babies the best!?!


  1. Simple and brilliant, and good-looking, too!

  2. beautiful baby, wrapped up post bath time ! the best!

  3. Cute baby--that is the best when they are all snuggled up, clean and slightly damp after a bath.

    I hear you on the towel thing. When the kids were little they each had their own color, but I think the applique is a great idea. We used towel racks (put up two in the bathroom), but I can't tell you how many times we had to put in more molly bolts to anchor them to the wall (we live in a damp climate so I don't think they would have dried on a hook--but I wish I could have).

    Love the colors!

    Elizabeth E.